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Doomsaw Marvel Heroes - Ask Me Anything



  • GLG_LocksmithGLG_Locksmith Stony HillPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    Hey there Doomsaw!

    I play a couple action rpgs (or whatever you classify the genre, I call them dungeon crawlers) and a big part of my starting experience is picking a character, trying it out, and seeing how I like the playstyle. If I don't like it, then I pick a different one. In Marvel Heroes, you pick a character, and that is it until you get enough eternity shards to buy a new hero or you pay cash money. My question is, what was the reasoning behind not allowing people to remake characters, or start afresh, or whatever it is just to give some people a bit of trial and error to see if they want to continue playing that character or choose something different?

    Personally I wouldn't mind doing some kind of account restart so I can get to repick. (And I dont think making a new account is a solution, it is a workaround.)

  • resivkresivk Vancouver, BCPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    Are there any intentions into making Special Item Find more desirable? I know that it affects Splinters/Costumes, but those are rare enough that SPIF seems a bit lacking....
  • IFoxMulderIFoxMulder Ca, IDPosts: 1Member


    Is there any plans for changes that effect Odin Marks?  With so many characters to level and upgrade it is a daunting task to collect Odin Marks to upgrade one hero let alone a few favorites in my roster.

  • jbokujboku Covina, CAPosts: 20Member


    I keep buying stash tabs (4 bought so far) and I run out as quickly as I buy them.  Is there anything in the works to stack crafting materials higher than 10 or other items?

  • Doomsaw-GazillionDoomsaw-Gazillion Marvel Heroes San Mateo, CAPosts: 134Member

    Question: Question: Will Scarlet Witch be receiving some review even if only slight changes soon?

    I only ask this because I read at one point that Scarlet Witch was going to receive some attention in November in regards to redundant skills and common builds.

    Answer: Yes, Scarlet Witch is on the list for some nice improvements in December (damage for most of her powers) and the a design review in early 2014.
  • Zom3iesZom3ies Malden, MAPosts: 3Member
    Hey Doomsaw. I think it's a popular misconception that PVP will mess up PVE balance I was hoping you could touch on that pls and ty! =)
  • Xhaos1Xhaos1 Lehi, UTPosts: 4Member
    Hi Doomsaw!

    I started playing this game in late October and I'm absolutely loving it! my question is about the design process: how do you go about choosing 3 different talent trees for each hero, when the hero is someone like Cyclops or Johnny Blaze, who might appear to have only one or two iconic powers? (i.e. lasers, fire and flight)

  • gortargortar MSU, MSPosts: 1Member



    What considerations are made in deciding what costumes are created for characters?  I would love to see the Deadpool Hammer Time costume.  What should we consider when we are making suggestions for future costumes?

  • catpartycatparty Etobicoke, ONPosts: 3Member
    Is there ever going to be anything to do with extra artifacts besides vendor or try to trade them? How about uniques? Maybe a new crafter recipe to merge them would be good.
  • QuickZeroQuickZero Orange, OHPosts: 10Member
    Is there any specific way you go about adding new heroes and who will be added before someone else?
  • dennison89dennison89 Springfield, ILPosts: 19Member
    This is going to sound greedy but when will we get to find out who gets the packs as rewards?
  • Anton150Anton150 Amherst, NYPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    Hi,I would like to know more about the 2014 ultimate pack.Which Character will be included?How many characters will be included?How much will it cost?I heard there will some exclusive costumes.....What will make layers buy this ultimate Pack?


  • astersixastersix POAPosts: 5Member
    Originally posted by Doomsaw-Gazillion - A “Team Up” system is in the works that allows us to create heroes that may never have enough powers to be a full hero, but could make good sidekicks. This would be a new hero type and could be leveled up in some way to fight alongside your favorite hero (or for people who don’t want to run around with a sidekick, just provide some passive benefit)

    Awesome. But I hope it doesn't mean Rogue isn't gonna be a full playable hero, does it?

  • sweetnsexysweetnsexy middlesex, NCPosts: 1Member
    Ive been having trouble with my group interface, not being able to see my squad member pics or health, is there any updates available in the future for that? also with groups will they be made more distinct so it's easier to see your group characters during gameplay involving multiple characters such as a Midtown Madness.
  • AVPWebmasterAVPWebmaster Pittsburg, KSPosts: 1Member

    Hello Doomsaw and thank you for doing this Q&A. My I.G.N. is AVPWebmster and I have been playing MH for nearly 5 months. I fell in love with it on the first day I played (even though I picked DD. Heh). I actually have 3 questions and please take your time answering I don’t expect and or all of them to be answered.

    Knowing the popularity and following Diablo II has had over the years, the popularity of MMORPGs today with games like WoW, with MH growing like it has, and with many of your players into this game for the long haul, where does Gaz realistically see MH being in 5 years?

    Did the Asgard event go not as well as you guys planned, as well as you planned, or better than you planned?

    A recent post by either you or Ryolnir stated a possible future feature of the MH game; Raiding. Can you elaborate?

  • TinindilTinindil ChatterisPosts: 10Member

    Hi Doomsaw

    Firstly, thank you for taking time out this evening to be able to answer some community questions.

    My Question is in two parts.

    1st: AOE in this game, and in fact type of game is king. What is being done to buff single target heroes like Wolverine

    2nd: my larger concern is Nightcrawler, he will be instant buy for me and my favourite marvel character, can’t wait for the release, however how will her perform, will he be largely single target melee?

    3rd any chance of a Nightcrawler update, planned release date, or some form of schedual, and any insight to skills?

    Many thanks taking the time to talk and listen to the community, its really important and good to see some company’s get it right
  • Doomsaw-GazillionDoomsaw-Gazillion Marvel Heroes San Mateo, CAPosts: 134Member

    Question: I think the review mmorpg gave this game at launch was fair, but now, having reinstalled the game with 2.0 the game is like night and day, much much better, so far to say equal to poe/d3 right now but with a superheroes theme, infact better than poe since once u reach really high level 88+, it takes 6 hours grinding to make 2% exp, that's not my idea of fun lol

    Answer: Thank you sir! I will relay your thoughts to the staff. We definitely launched with less than half of the content and polish that we wanted but we are getting closer and closer to our desired level of awesomeness each day.
  • WyleyWyley China Grove, NCPosts: 3Member
    Unfortunately I haven't been able to persuade my friends from other games to play here.  I'm still working on it though.  Are there any plans for some perks that could be done for refer-a-friend?  This could be something like bonuses for when grouped together with the friend that referred them.
  • jbokujboku Covina, CAPosts: 20Member
    @Doomsaw -- Will marvelheroes ever has its own convention?
  • RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon
    When will we see a crafting quality of life patch? (Crafting multiple potions or reducing the amount of clicking, possibly by detecting our components in our stash.)
  • SadareSadare AberdeenPosts: 15Member Uncommon



    Another question for you, if you ever played COH they had a wonderful system in place where any level of character could team with any other level, you could be Sidekicked up or Exhemped down. I don't care to much for the sidekicking up but for new players or folks I know starting the game I would like to take my high level character and be exhemped down to the level of the zone, team mate that we are questing in. is this going to be possible In Marvel heroes ? Will also allow for more teaming options if can play at the lower levels with you higher chars.

    Also Guildwars 2 have a similar feature that way can play any level and content is always in your level range of team mates, certainly again auto exempting your character down to appropriate level range.


    I would like to see this feature some day , for making teaming with new players and low level buddies fun and rewarding :)

  • OHieiOHiei lisbonPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Do you plan on adding more prestige features/prizes?


    like after doing prestige to the max (5 times) people could get a unique pet maybe? something like that it should be a better boost for those who want to play only one hero I guess

  • DGR8WARRIORDGR8WARRIOR staten island, NYPosts: 19Member

    Is there going to be a Thor Dark Worlds costume or a Thor girl one?

  • VidulaSaixVidulaSaix Mobile, ALPosts: 4Member

    Additional Questions:


    1.) Many users have complained about the lack of Inventory due to more and more items such as Relic's being added. Will it be possible to increase our Inventory size in the future via something like G purchases through means of something like Tabs?


    2.) In a similar vain, will it ever be possible to place Relics into their own category similar to how Synergies work? This would allow us to choose between a stack of Relics to use for each given Hero instead of having to farm up insane amounts of credits (usually only viable at level 60) just to unbind them and try them on another Hero.

  • resivkresivk Vancouver, BCPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    More costumes for Jean Grey and Emma Frost would be great, but I understand it's not as easy to display them in their other forms. But is this being looked at? I love the Marvel Girl costume but I just don't actually see it while playing!
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