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Doomsaw Marvel Heroes - Ask Me Anything

Doomsaw-GazillionDoomsaw-Gazillion Marvel HeroesSan Mateo, CAPosts: 134Member
I will cut and paste questions here. Ask me anything!


  • CynicalSaintCynicalSaint Atlanta, GAPosts: 5Member

    Hi Doomsaw!  Thanks for taking out the time to talk with us.
    In the past, you’ve mentioned PvP will be expanded with other game modes (or types), which leads me to believe you intend to flesh out the PvP aspect to a great extent over the coming months and years.  Will you expound upon what the near future of PvP may hold, from additional gear slots that may be included for PvP gear and the different modes we may eventually see (deathmatch, capture the flag, etc.) to the types of rankings we may participate in (ladders, individual or team, etc.)?


    Edit: Hehe.... first...

  • Megazarak729Megazarak729 Mississauga, ONPosts: 8Member

    Hello Doomsaw!

    I've got a couple questions about Achievements. First, what kind of tasks will they be? For example, will they be actual in game accomplishments like "beat Doom in Chapter 8", or will they be more like "complete 500 Legendary Quests" or "reach level 60 with 5 characters".  And second will there be rewards for completing them, and if so, what kind?

  • iUberPwniUberPwn manhattan beach, CAPosts: 2Member
    Jeff 'DoomSaw' Donais,

    With the resent release/opening of Asgard can you give any details about upcoming content unbeknown to the player base along with any (estimated) release dates associated with them? Could you also share the order & (estimated)  release dates of any new heroes and costumes planned? -Uncanny
  • OHieiOHiei lisbonPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Hi doomsaw!

    First of all I would like to thank you for having this AMA and giving us the oportunity to ask you anything.

    My question is somewhat simple and here it goes, what do you plan on doing for Supergroups updates? is there any features you've been working on? Or you don't plan to improve this anytime soon?

    Thanks for your attention and by the way I've created this forum post in Marvel Heroes's forums I hope you can take a look later when you have enough time since it has many useful ideas for Supergroups features.

    Again thank you for your time!

  • PunchclopsPunchclops SeabrookPosts: 4Member

    Hi Doomsaw!

    I haven't seen any devs comment on The Adventures of Punchclops in ages. Are you still fans in the office, or do I need to find some new jokes?

  • JRat_xgpJRat_xgp South Weber, UTPosts: 1Member
    I have a couple of questions regarding an article I read in a recent issue of game informer talking about the culture of negativity in gamers. It seems like things are perceived as never being good enough or bad because "that is not how I would do that."

    Firstly, In making a game that is so reliant on the player base staying and playing, how do you use player opinion (which can be more negative than positive) to inform changes in future patches? How do you deal with player negativity when progress is made? (eg. The Asgard patch is cool and all but it was way to short. Or, I can't believe they are catering to Loki fans, if any villain was to be a hero it should be Magneto.)

    Secondly I know you guys are always hard at work to refine and expand at the same time, I really think you have been doing a great job. Approximately when do you see this game expanding to involve a Mac client, and how do you envision that affecting the current player base?
  • RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon

    Dear Jeff AKA Doomsaw,


    1.) When can we see quality of life improvements on crafting? (Such as, crafting multiple buff potions at once and reducing the amount of clicking we need to do by having the crafter detect what crafting components we have in our storage.)


    2.) I truely think this game would go well with a paragon system similar to Diablo III's, account wide and infinite. With people having trouble choosing a "main", a system where your entire account gets stats from these levels would just make everything fun and there would always be something to work for. Is it possible you guys implement a system similar to this, maybe with a Gazillion spin on it?

  • luffy251995luffy251995 ManilaPosts: 4Member
    Hello, do you have any plans on improving the guild system? like having your own guild base or having guild wars?
  • DaethsDaeths LosAngeles, CAPosts: 3Member

    Recently It was stated in the forums that Telepath Emma would be receiving a damage boost in the Ghost rider patch. Will this just be part of an over all damage rework done in the patch and will it just be a % increase on a few select skills damage will there be more to it? Will either other tree be affected, either for better or worse, at that time? There has been some speculation that diamond form would receive a nerf as some believe it to be too resilient.


    Thanks for answering our questions!

  • Doomsaw-GazillionDoomsaw-Gazillion Marvel Heroes San Mateo, CAPosts: 134Member

    Question: When will you add The Beast in game? and if you have plans for it, when will it be? -Lycuz

    Answer: Hi Lycuz, we will eventually add Hank to the game, but don’t have a date planned for him yet.
  • jbokujboku Covina, CAPosts: 20Member
    @Doomsaw -- Working with so many heroes in marvelheroes, how do you balance them between being powerful enough but not too powerful  -- Is there a process or benchamrk that the Gaz team has set? Is there a system to show our DPS in the works? Also if you had your choice, who would you make the most powerful character in the marvelheroes universe -- other than Squirrel Girl of course ;).
  • ReplayXReplayX AthensPosts: 10Member

    Hello, i would like to ask what plans for NEW ITEMS and for the new areas for activity. Are they gonna be any more ''good'' items than the ''Uniques'' for example in the near future ? Also Are they gonna be more areas/ Hubs for the game ?[ For ex. now we have PVP / X- defense story mode etc ].

    And your opinion about the all the game going on ....Until now[ your thoughts]


  • resivkresivk Vancouver, BCPosts: 28Member Uncommon



    Regarding character reworks, is there a possibility of more than 1 signature power? For example with Jean Grey/Emma frost, both are ladies that have "2 forms". 

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    Does Gazillion have money budgeted that you plan on spending for focused advertising of Marvel Heroes in say marvel specific comics or websites?
  • illricillric MAdison, ALPosts: 3Member
    I know there are some new addition that will be coming to the red and green terminals soon and I'm Really pumped about that. However will there be a rework to any of the current model for the terminals? currently, you have the 4 tier systems and for lower level characters it just seems like a large gap when trying to do those on characters not near max level. Tier 1 is 22-32 for Abandoned Subway, but tier 1 doom is level 33-43. Would there be any plans to redo the terminals, going every 5 levels or even 10, similar to the way Midtown X-Defense and PVP works?
  • chc0228chc0228 Arlington, TXPosts: 1Member

    Hi Doomsaw!


    My favorite marvel heroes have always been War Machine, along with Gambit. So my question to you is, will he ever be a playable character or is he just gonna be an enhanced costume for iron man?

  • amerouamerou Madison, ALPosts: 1Member
    Are there any plans to remap the F1, F2, etc. hotkeys to buttons other than the right mouseclick, or to add more hotkey buttons?
  • djkam2djkam2 stratford, ONPosts: 1Member

    Can you tell us which heroes are up for their re-works and signature skills next?

  • BjornulfBjornulf Orlando, FLPosts: 1Member

    First off, thank you for being so vocal in the forum community.  Marvel Heroes is the first MMO I have played where it honestly feels like the developers respect their players.  Keep up the great work!

    My question is:

    1) I know a lot of people like to play characters which share their gender.
    What is the goal for gender swapped heroes?  Pepper Pots Rescue(Iron Man)?  Loki/Sif(Loki)? She-Hulk(Hulk)?  Quentin Quire(Phoenix)? Wiccan(Scarlet Witch)?

    2) Is there a plan to enable players to turn off select sounds(for positive play experience)?  For example, Wolverine's creepy panting, Deadpool calling Scarlet Witch a *itch..., Everyone vs. Wolverine(they all seems to say non positive things to him).
  • golanbendorgolanbendor rishonPosts: 3Member

    hey doomsaw, thanks for doing this awsome Q&A I have some questions and even I won't win the gambit pack I will be glad for some answers I have alot of question that are Important to me so I apologize for posting them all:


    Artifact Questions:

    1. Will advanced flames of the falatine artifact will be buffed? and if so how will that be exactly?


    Blessings questions:


    1. What is the eta for moving blessings to different artifacts ?

    2. Wow will moving blessings to diffrent artifacts work?

    3. Could I move  blesseings that were done pre patch 2.0 or only post 2.0?



    Legendry quest and Odin marks and questions:


    1. how much will it cost to move a legendary to diffrent hero?

    2. Is there a possibility legendary's will be the only items that is account bound due to their value?

    3. Will legendary quest will be intergaed in pvp? asgard? cow levels? we need a way to earn odin marks in pvp......



    UI Questions

    1. there are still 4 items slots that can be filled in the UI. can you tell us what will they be? and how will they work?

    2. Will there ever be a good comparison tool for items that can tell you how much ehp and dps you lose or get from that item? newbies will really benifit from this because sometime +100 dmg rating is better then +1 and its hard to tell at start....

    3. will crafting cost of some recipe will be reduced? 


    Levels Questions

    1. Will you ever add waypoints in the end and in the start of each terminal?

    2. Cow level level 60 is coming?


    Unique Questions

    1. Since each unique has a 90% chance to drop to your hero the chances off getting a tactigon or all hero unique is low how will you adress that?

    2. Uniques that are for a couple of heroes like : Anti-metal Ammunation that are for  Cable, deadpool, punisher, Rocket racoon and Black widow are they in the 90% tailor made unique drop for that heroes? lets say i am playing  deadpool is there a 90% chance of that dropping or is it in the 10% drop for all heroes unique.


    General questions:

    1. because of the new credit system drop I feel that I need to be always with credit find gear and not with my best gear ive found. is there a way of making credit find and rarity find passive? and remove it from items? the makes rarity find with all gear and core is 50% + just make that on cores and remove it from items. and maybe to the same with credit find gear? if the prices are reduced there is no problem but with each good recipe costing 400k i always run credit find gear....

    maybe making a new item that is on utility stats like - credit find or sif or rif and remove that stats from gear and move it to the new item slot. 

    2. Eta for safe trading

    3. now that pvp came and we have diffrent spec and items for pvp. will there be a system that saves all your gear and spec for pvp and pvp? it can work with costumes equiping and dediacte each costume to diffrent mode. 

    4. new info you can give us? something suprise uss hahahaha


    if you got this far and answered every question here I salute you... thank you very much....

  • HalshroudHalshroud Palm Harbor, FLPosts: 3Member

    Question: With no healers currently in the game, how will raids work generally in terms of encounters and surviving?

    Question 2: When will Scarlet Witch’s review be?

    I only ask this because I read once that she was suppose to be getting a review by November or later for her redundant spells and common build pattern.

  • sn4k3xDsn4k3xD poaPosts: 1Member

    1.Blade Playable in 2014?If no, please tell us why.


    2.Will we have a big black friday sale?


    3.Does today patch include new uniques to Ms. Marvel and/or Wolverine(They have just 2 :( )?


    4.ETA on Signature moves for every old hero?


    5.Are you guys planing an exclusive mode to lvl 60?(We have just the same content, but harder).If no, you could do a mode like a boss rush(Solo and/or Group), not too long , something like 5~8 random bosses(That would fix the problem that you can't find a medallion lvl 60 from some bosses) and after you beat them all you can open a Chest that will have a 100% chance of dropping an artifact, a regular chance of rings and etc.(I suggested the 100% artifact because after 400+ hours of gameplay I've dropped something like 1 

    Adv. Flames of Faltine).


    Thanks for the Hard work.

  • SaltynzSaltynz Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 5Member Common
    Hi Doomsaw, I've been playing on and off since MH went live even with the bad reviews I still really enjoyed the game, so my question is now that the game has greatly improved is there any chance of getting the game re-reviewed? or do you have zero control over that?
  • astersixastersix POAPosts: 5Member

    Questions: Hi Doomsaw, I was wondering if you guys have something up yours sleeves regarding the premiere of the ANT-MAN movie? I mean, it really looks like a solid one, specially with Edgar Wright directing it.

    If yes, is he gonna be playable by then (Ant-man/Hank Pym not Edgar Wright) or do you have something else in mind?

  • phoenixhellphoenixhell rusePosts: 2Member
    First i want to congratulate Gaz because MH is best F2P model who i've met,i can't afford spending money and MH give me not just opportunity to play but i can have everything in game for free(hope little bit more stash in future) just invest some time.Here are my questions:

    1.Some details for new attribute system(pls not answer-it will come in december).

    2.Some info for GR costumes(Blue Flames,Timestorm,Ultimate,Trail of Tears).

    3.IM costumes Hulkbuster and War Machie(or he is hero not just costume)?

    Btw PVP system is great.
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