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Star Trek Online: Wrath of Khan Uniform Key Giveaway!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMAdministrator Posts: 5,179 Uncommon has partnered with Perfect World Entertainment to bring you a cool giveaway event!  While supplies last you can get a free gift key here at to give you a special in game uniform!  Get your key now!




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  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 1,930 Uncommon
  • KactoKacto Mexico CityMember Posts: 1
    Awesome, Thanks :)
  • nayru47nayru47 HornsbyMember Posts: 1
    Thank you ^^
  • lmschullmschul corbin, KYMember Posts: 1
    AWESOME !!!!! Thanks now my toon can get outta the rags he's been wearing  thru numerous battles and look very distinctive......... YOUALL rock
  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryMember Posts: 10,754 Epic
    Thanks and Cryptic. I love these goody giveaways.
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  • Instigator-JonesInstigator-Jones Member Posts: 530 Uncommon
    Hey! Thanks!
  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingMember Posts: 3,495 Uncommon

    Khaaa.... khm. I mean, thanks for the key.


    And thanks for the lol too on the announcement: ".....  captain your very own starship, avoid Borg assimilation, even breed (!) Tribbles, all in Gene Roddenberry’s larger-than-life space epic .... "

    even breed (!) tribbles, seriously? That's a feature worthy of an (!) mark, not the own starship or the Borg? Hilarious :)


    (don't get me wrong, I have an alt too who's storage is stuffed with them pesky, furry tribbles. It was only fun to read that the tribble breeding minigame is a so huge feature :) )

  • DoogiehowserDoogiehowser ParisMember Posts: 1,873
    Thanks guys really appreciate it!!

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    -Luke McKinney


  • TineaTinea North Olmsted, OHMember Posts: 82 Uncommon

    My key isn't working.  It says the key doesn't exist.  It's only 7 characters long, is that the correct length of the key?

    I've tried to copy-paste and type it in and it won't work.  I don't see anyone else having issues so either I'm doing something stupid or I got a lemon of a key.  Not a big deal.

  • KhorraxKhorrax GalatiMember Posts: 52 Uncommon

     Try again, I got an error the first time as well.

     And thanks for this little gift,

  • TineaTinea North Olmsted, OHMember Posts: 82 Uncommon

    I just tried again and it worked this time.  Their servers were down earlier, maybe that had something to do with it.


  • deadmanbelldeadmanbell Central Coast California, CAMember Posts: 69 Uncommon
    Thanks MMORPG. I Love this game just had a 6 hour session the other night. I went with life time membership at launch and wanted to cry. But now I am really happy I did it just gets better and better.
  • therundintherundin Cape Coral, FLMember Posts: 1
    Thank You very very much Cryptic and mmorpg! 
  • SinDicate99SinDicate99 Saint John, NBMember Posts: 11 Uncommon
    Cool ty
  • bbethelbbethel las vegas, NVMember Posts: 201 Uncommon

    Very Cool 

    Thanks MMoRPG!!!!

  • ZzadZzad Palma de MallorcaMember Posts: 1,374 Uncommon
    Got mine! TY! :)
  • AsdivhAsdivh HelsinkiMember Posts: 1
    Thanks MMORPG!
  • CozumCosbourneCozumCosbourne Spring Hill, TNMember Posts: 2
    Thanks guys! 

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