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Spacebrains Slideshow - Impressions

vveaver_onlinevveaver_online stockholmPosts: 417Member Uncommon

Hello mmorpg forum reader, in TSW my character name is Eliezer "Spacebrain" Worldweaver and I take screenshots when i play. I wanted to have some use for all the screenshots I had so I added some music and transitions to them and Spacebrains Slideshow was born. So far I have made two issues of my travels, beware images flash quickly like flipping through a comicbook. I will continue to making these issues as long as I play and take screenshots. I hope you enjoy the music!


Issue #1: "Origins"

Issue #2: "I want to believe"

Issue #3: "The Sun"

Issue #4 "Strange Dreams"

Issue #5 "The Lost Dragon"

Issue #6 "Hell Eternal"

Issue #7 "The Gatekeeper"

Issue #8 "Born Free"

Issue #9 "Hidden in plain sight"

Issue #10 - link missing - "Recap"

Issue #11 "Searching for answers" 

Issue #12 "Always Deeper"

Issue #13 "Lucky"

Issue #14 "Perfect Day"

Issue #15 "This is Halloween"

Issue #16 "Whats going on?"

Issue #17 "Alone or?"

Issue #18 "The Vein"


Thanks for watching, feel free to comment!


*Edit* Added new Issue*


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