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LF RTS persistent open world

Heinz130Heinz130 sao pauloPosts: 227Member

Hi there


I found this game Stronghold kingdoms its a online rts but a bit diferente of the most you find out there for its a persistente open world,theres thousents of players playing in the same server,every city you build can be captured,ransacked or just razed.


The problem with this game its a PTW game,im looking for a game that uses the same system of persisntent open world where you can play together with thousents or hundreds of players on the same map,not total war or age of empires stuff that uses im searching for one for a long time but seems SHK is the best i culd find.


I just want a opinion,thx

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  • threeshrubsthreeshrubs wolverhamptonPosts: 8Member

    I used to play a fantastic persistent RTS game years ago called Mankind. From what i can tell it is still running but not sure about the population. The only other issue is that the game has changed hands alot and the source code for the game has got lost, lol.. so there is no updates.

    Other than that, it is a great game to play..

    I would love to go back but low population and no updates keep me away.

    Oh most players dont use the website forums, they hang around on the mankind outpost (delphi forums)

  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVPosts: 2,366Member Uncommon
    Maybe Dawn of Fantasy?
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