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What would it take to fix World of Warcraft.



  • BlackWatchBlackWatch USAPosts: 970Member Uncommon

    My 'list'.....

    1 - Put a muzzle on the 'vocal minority' in trade chat.  Yes, the people that have nothing better to do but troll.... shut them up or punt them.

    2 - Offer servers that have an age requirement, such as Age 21 or 25+.  Why?  No, age isn't THE measure of maturity, but it's a good starting point.  Allow me to pay an extra $5/mo for regulated/moderated servers.  I'd gladly do so.  

    3 - Offer 'Vanilla', 'BC', WotLK', etc.,.. servers.  

    4 - More character customization options.

    5 - Player housing

    6 - More playable races

    7 - A few more combat classes

    8 - Better in game 'looking for guild' system with more filters and search criteria.  

    9 - Armor dye system

    10 - custom weapon enchant system 

    11 - Get rid of  reputation grinds via daily GD quests.  (Duck failies)

    12 - Free server transfers and faction changes (or... lower the cost to around $5 'ish)

    13 - Bring back 'custom' builds... or allow us to 'hybridize' builds.  

    14 - Make World of Warcraft feel like there is actually a War between the factions.  Horde and Alliance join forces against a common foe each and every expansion (or so it seems).  Forget that.

    15 - Advance the Undead storyline already.

    16 - Make a Blood Elf male character model... not the 'fem' character model with facial hair.

    17 - Space goat overhaul.

    18 - Do something... anything... to bring back open world pvp.

    19 - Reminder of item 1: kill, neuter, spay the trade chat trolls. 

    20 - Can we kill Suzanne and her gold farmer spam once and for all?  And their friend requests on BattleTag?  


  • nerovipus32nerovipus32 dublinPosts: 2,735Member
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Simple .. make a MOBA out of warcraft lore. Or may be even an online FPS with warcraft lore .. now that will be new.

    MOBA communities are douchie enough as it is you don't want to make them worse by putting warcraft in the title.

  • Some public events, world bosses, random actions in different zones and leave faceroll difficulty behind..
  • RocknissRockniss Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,034Member
    Wow does not need fixed, Blizzard just need make a new game for those of us that played wow are have let it run it's course with us. They will do that I am sure, they want to diversify thier player base, that's the smart route from a busines perspective for sustainability.
  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    optional level scaling

    some public dungeons

    player housing

  • itbewillyitbewilly Mason, OHPosts: 347Member Uncommon

    Topless Dwarf Female Nightclubs all over Azeroth

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,017Member Rare
    Wait for it...........F 2 P
  • blagganblaggan göteborgPosts: 11Member

    To be honest, World of Warcraft has never been better than it is now in it's panda expansion.

    Your feelings of vanilla/burning crusade being better is just nostalgia.


    The raids in MoP are so incredibly more well done. Mechanics you'd never think of, the enviroment in raids and in the world is amazing. Sooo many new features that has improved the gameplay of wow significantly. They've kept improving it, over and over again.

    If you still feel like it's becoming worse, it's all about YOU being tired of the game. The game is infact getting better, it's your nostalgia thats making you feel that it's becoming worse. If you're missing excitement you can always try to join a top world guild and raid with em on that level.


    TL;DR - The game is what you make it. It's constantly improving, nostalgia will trick you to think otherwise.

  • ConsuetudoConsuetudo Posts: 142Member Uncommon

    The argument from nostalgia is not valid at all. If it were the case that it was pure nostalgia fueling my disgruntlement with the present game, then my true and only longing would be to play vanilla and TBC; and yet I've had it with those zones, and have no motivation to return. And indeed, while I have thought that it was nostalgia before, and joined private servers to reintegrate myself into the early game, I quickly found that I can't generate nearly the same effects those zones initially brought to me. And this is what I mean by mining a memorial ghosttown: for you are really just wandering around in your memories, but you can't repeat the past--as the Gatsbian author preaches. 

    So it is not at all about wanting to experience the same thing all over again. 

    It is about experiencing something new and grand, yet which provides the same sense of wonderment that early WoW produced.

    As I have said, ship me to the Barrens and I will be quickly bored. I have done the Barrens, and I have no interest in doing it. But carry me into one of the new zones and I won't feel the sense of wonderment that the Barrens initially brought me. A well crafted world that wasn't entirely linear. Hidden quests that you only found by going to the top of a mountain as a result of exploration, or long chain quests that were unique enough to make a matterful impression in your mind. 

    The recent format of an MMO game absolutely bombards the player with linear quests, ones we have done countless times. The player has no motivation at all to explore, and no motivation at all to read the quest text. These are not worlds at all, but arcades. 

    I am of the crowd whose favorite experience in the game was leveling and engaging in world PvP. There is another crowd that greatly enjoys high-end raiding and group mechanics, and I recognize their existence & validity. 

    But to me, this game is no longer playable unless I was brought back by nostalgia. The reason I would have a motivation to return to World of Warcraft is that it was fun, and my mind recognizes it, but it is not

  • deniterdeniter KouvolaPosts: 1,044Member Uncommon

    What would it take to fix World of Warcraft?

    A creation of totally different kind of server types for different kind of players.

    Currently, a retail WoW plays like a story-mode game; it's linear, forgiving, story-emphasized and easy. Lets call it a story-mode server.

    Then there should be a normal server; a server type that works like WoW was in vanilla - early wrath era. This would need some work, though, since the game should be basically redesigned entirely.

    Finally, there could be a heroic server type; a realm where all dungeons were more difficult, mobs in general like the nerfed elites in tbc, and everything would take a lot longer to achieve.

  • SteelhelmSteelhelm LahtiPosts: 201Member Uncommon
    For me some of the biggest mistakes blizzard made are all the simplifications and turning some or all classes into a mechanically clean performers leaving no room for gray areas. Also changing the zones with cataclysm was a huge leap I didn't enjoy. Some of the quests are really stupid with RL references. Pandaria, yeah couldn't care less. The gameplay is still good though if you have the heart for the grind. It could be that I'm also done with WoW. Only the next expansion will tell....

  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,439Member Uncommon

    1.) Stop nerfing/changing things around constantly they go and ruined my mage because of the Arcane Pom Pyroblast, but they fail to nerf warlocks who just spam dots all over multiple targets.

    2.) Crafting, get rid of crafting Limits allow characters to level all crafts to max level, this is something that hasn't really been done before in many RPG games except EVE & DarkFall to my knowledge there might be a few more.

    3.) Instead of dungeon Drops and rewards make a system similar to Guild Wars where players can farm marks or tokens running a dungeon gets you (X) Tokens of (X) type which can be traded for gear or sold via auction house.

    4.) Get rid of attunement having to run quests to enter a dungeon is stupid unless it follows a exact lore like "Dragon Age."

    5.) The reason I quit playing wow to be honest back then was because of the way I work very hard to obtain Battle-Ground, or Arena gear later they come out with new I have to re-do the exact same work all over again no free trade-up which is stupid no point in playing it.

    The original WOW I loved it all the expansions after that really killed the experience for me in so many ways that I quit wow.

    Now I won't even bother playing wow unless they redo all the character models and make the game look a whole lot nicer with a sand-box experience and add a real point to play the game not constant grind.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Consuetudo
    The argument from nostalgia is not valid at all. If it were the case that it was pure nostalgia fueling my disgruntlement with the present game, then my true and only longing would be to play vanilla and TBC; and yet I've had it with those zones, and have no motivation to return.

    That's not quite what I (and I think others) mean when I (we) talk about  nostalgia - it's not just about wanting old content back, it's about remembering an experience that can't be reproduced by older eyes.    You've changed the years.  You know things you didn't back then.  You've now experienced the span of ideas the developers founded the game on.  You can see belond the pixels.  So you can't ever again look at an old zone, or even a new zone in the old style, with the same innocence you once had.  That little extra strain on the imagination to make sense of it all matters.   Now add the polish of time ... memory is not a video tape.  It drifts and morphs.  Sometimes a happy memory gets polished into something that is more perfect than it ever really never was.    In short, revisiting old content and finding that it just isn't as enganging is a part of what the nostalgia argument predicts.

    ( now, it's awfully presumptuous of me to think I can judge what's going through your mind, so my appologies if I sound ignorant or patronizing in writing this at all  ... I just wanted to give feedback as how how your words have sounded to the ear of this random stranger )


  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard La BarrePosts: 6,027Member Epic
    Nothing, because there's nothing to fix?
    "The ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent" - Qui-gon Jinn in Star Wars. After many years of reading Internet forums, there's no doubt that nor does the ability to write.

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  • xpsyncxpsync VvardenfellPosts: 551Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by maplestone
    It's hard to bottle moments in time.  Innocence.  Meeting the right people at the right time.   The perfect balance of expectation and surprise. It's not unique to WoW ... I feel terribly nostalgic about my first favourite MMO too and can remember when I felt far more connected to it..

    Yep nothing like the feeling and memories of your first mmo. Then as you say, the one you meet the right people at the right time, EQ2 will forever be that one for me.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    Originally posted by Thomas2006
      Originally posted by Thupli
    Classic Server
      TBC Server WOTLK Server   I started in TBC.  I'd like to experience the level 60, and 70 (stuff I didn't get to) with Blizzard servers.  It's lame to roll through that content because you outlevel it or are a blood DK (just saying!)   **************   On a side note, I'd love to see either full scaling of characters to zones, just like Gw2, or get rid of levels altogether.  The latter would be hard for many people to stomach, but scaling toons to zone levels would be awesome and could open up some amazing open world pvp and just plain fun to play through old content.


    It hasnt been announced yet, but they are planning on bringing back alot of the old content (dungeons, raids) via there characer scaling system. The hard part has been finding a good reward system to encourage players to go back and play the old content.

    The ideal is that when you que into one of the older raids your character will simply be scaled back down to the level of the content / raid in question. If it was a level 60 raid then your characters gear, health, ect. will be scaled down to that of a level 60.

    They may even take it a step even more an allow you to (sidekick) to that of a lower level to enjoy the older content with friends just leveling up, ect.

    It's one of the big features to be announced at blizzcon if the latest cropping of bugs are to be believed. It's something they have mentioned they are working on just they didnt have a good way to encourage / reward people for doing the content.

    That's really not quite enough.


    Ideally you'd level a new hero and would gear up over time in the old instances (dungeons and raids) and move on when you're ready.  The only modification I'd make is to boost the drop rates so people could progress faster.

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon
    Not sure why this is not enough? People want to play on their mains more that their alts do it should be aimed at mains primarily. Also boosting drop rates for people levelling is confusing, pointless boosting rates for peeps levelling, and if you can control levelling you are going to move on when you complete an instance, your not gonna farm only to make your gear redundant as soon as you decide to level again. It's a great idea bliz if they can get the downscaling right.

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  • Vermillion_RaventhalVermillion_Raventhal Oxon Hill, MDPosts: 2,581Member Rare
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Simple .. make a MOBA out of warcraft lore. Or may be even an online FPS with warcraft lore .. now that will be new.

    MOBA pretty much did take root from Warcraft Lore through a mod of Warcraft 3.

  • TjedTjed Baltimore, MDPosts: 162Member
    Originally posted by FrodoFragins
    For me, adding progression servers would be a lot of fun.  Let us start at the beginning of PVE and work forward.

    I don't know it is a "fix" exactly, but I don't care.  This would be a ton of fun and I would be on it from day one and not play anything else until after I finished Ulda.  So there's my next couple years.  I know they said they would never do this, but I just like day dreaming about it.

  • SlampigSlampig Chantilly, VAPosts: 2,341Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rodingo
    Instead of trying to find a way to "fix" WoW, why not just accept the fact that the game has ran it's course with you and you with it?  Just depart ways and remember the good times.   I have a gut feeling that is what most of us who don't play anymore have done.

    This is the best, most mature reply to yet ANOTHER one of these posts I have ever read. Thank you for not just devolving into the typical anti-WoW retread rant.

    That Guild Wars 2 login screen knocked up my wife. Must be the second coming!

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Consuetudo
    We want it to die, or at least for its hegemony to end. Many view it as a sort of plague that has infected the genre, ...  

    About wow as old good one goes: do not fix what is not broken.


    About fixing things up: as I see it only wow haters need fix from good shrink.

  • LauraFrostLauraFrost New York, NYPosts: 95Member


    I've realized that expansions/patches through out the years mutate the game experience to almost change the game you loved into something completely different.


    I think games should always offer classic servers for those who wish to play the game without all these expansions. I mean RTS games do it; why not MMORPGs? I know EQ classic/progressive servers are always a big success.

    To be honest I almost always dislike "too many expansions" for MMORPGs. Especially if it fiddles with game mechanics and adds too many conveniences (LFD, LDR, InstaTravel...etc). I'm always with more content but when more content changes how the game is played or how you experience the game then I think at least I'd get the option to play on a"classic server".

  • kabitoshinkabitoshin Posts: 789Member Uncommon
    Honestly all I want gone is flying mounts and LFG/LFR gone for good. I would also like to see them add hidden caves or jumping puzzles, like GW2. One thing that might not ever happen but I really want to is overhaul the game into a new beautiful engine.
  • AethaerynAethaeryn Woodstock, ONPosts: 2,475Member Uncommon
    +1 for classic server.  Progression server would be okay as well as long as it was slow enough.

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

  • SquishydewSquishydew NetherlandsPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    World of warcraft doesn't need to be "Fixed" It's an absolutely brilliant game still holding many peoples attention.

    I think most people are just afraid to admit they're bored of it, a complete revamp of the game is never going to happen and minor changes will never keep your interest.


    Just move on people :/

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