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Not recieving a Hearthstone Beta key after winning

willa1000willa1000 oldenburg, AZPosts: 4Member

Hello Community!

After winning a beta key for Hearthstone in the  Giveaway Day 7 thread, i did not recieve a key yet. Just want to ask how long does it take as it it stated in the thread "Keys should go out within an hour or two.". Is this normal or is there a problem?



  • VardakulaVardakula LisbonPosts: 6Member

    Hello OP, same here. Won today and havent received anything.


    Any problem or its taking just a bit longer this time around? Anticipation is killing me.

  • skarsteinskarstein bergenPosts: 3Member
    I have the same problem... never got a key...
  • BaltafejBaltafej RaertzPosts: 2Member
    Same with me. :(
  • esrever27esrever27 Minneapolis, MNPosts: 2Member

    Likewise. I made sure my email was correct in my profile settings too, as well as checked my spam folder and did a strict search for anything coming from the domain.

    EDIT: Received my key just now at 3:36PM EST.

  • JTseJTse Aurora, COPosts: 11Member
    <Waits patiently>
  • willa1000willa1000 oldenburg, AZPosts: 4Member

    Just wanted to let you know that i recieved my key a few min ago.


  • JTseJTse Aurora, COPosts: 11Member
    Originally posted by willa1000
    Just wanted to let you know that i recieved my key a few min ago. Regards

    Same here! Activated it too!

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