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How much have you spent on MMORPGs in the past 5 years?

Vermillion_RaventhalVermillion_Raventhal Oxon Hill, MDPosts: 1,372Member Uncommon

I have gotten back into MMORPGs the last 3 years.  Going back to buying Rift on release was my first purchase. 


Bought Rift and dropped it after 30 days = 40 or 50 I am not sure now.


I spent 30 on WoW expansions and played for 2 months which is another 30.


So in total I spent $100 to $110 on MMORPGs in the last 5 years. How much do you spend on this hobby? 



  • AbimorAbimor phoenix, AZPosts: 335Member Uncommon
    In the past 5 years I have bought Rift, and Tor plus all the expansions for Lotro and 20 dollars on marvel heroes. So around maybe 250. I only played Tor for 30 days so did not subscribe played rift  for like 6 months so bought that package. I did buy a lifetime to Lotro around 6 years ago for 199 or something like that. So i gues if you ad that in about $449 seems like allot but over 60 months thats like 7 dollars a month not to bad. 
  • BatzenbaerBatzenbaer BerlinPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    Past 5 Years?

    -WAR(+3 Months)=80€


    -Aion CN=20€

    -Aion CE EU(+12 Months)=200€


    -Atlantica Online(F2P)=200€+


    -FF XIV CE=70€

    -ToR CE(+2 Months)=100€


    -The Secret World=30€

    -Age of Wushu(F2P)=100€

    -Scarlet Blade(F2P)=40€

    -Age of Wulin(F2P)=100€

    ~1300€ ^^



  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,321Member Uncommon

    My guess is between one and two grand. I don't even have the heart to

    go back and count

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  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,253Member

    Not a whole lot. Most of them I've tried in a beta or with a buddy key and since almost no good MMORPG have come out in the past 5 years I haven't purchased many. I just wait a year and play them when they go free to play.

    I bought GW2 and TSW and that might actually be it. I probably subbed to WoW for a while in there too, I quit when Cataclysm killed the game.

  • legendsololegendsolo gentPosts: 81Member Uncommon

    when I was into runescape a few years ago(2008-2010)  6$ x 20 = 120$

    last purchase was gw2 for 50 euro (70$), nothing else as far as my memory goes.

    total: 190$


    been traveling from mmo to mmo, the life of a mmo-nomad

  • PrecusorPrecusor PalmaPosts: 3,526Member Uncommon
    Too much.. since i always forget to unsub games that am not playing anymore.
  • AvaglaorAvaglaor KoridalosPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    WoW ~ 1500€ (total) ~ 700€ (last five years) : 4 years non-stop and 4 years in and out, all the expantions and a few server transfers/ faction changes.

    Aion ~ 120€ : Game+6 months sub.

    Rift ~ 70€ :Game + 2-3 (?) months sub.

    SWTOR ~ 65€: Game+2 months (that i never played:P)

    Tera ~ 130€ : CE + 6 months

    GW2 ~ 60€ : Game + few diamonds




  • Mud_MonsterMud_Monster Springfield, ILPosts: 229Member Uncommon
    Warhammer Online CE $80
    Warhammer Online SE (Best Buy was going to be over a week late getting my preorder of the CE to me and I couldn’t wait) $50
    Warhammer Online 11 months of subscription $165
    Aion SE $43
    Aion CE Upgrade $10
    Heroes of Three Kindoms - Item Shop purchases $20
    WoW: Cataclysm $50
    WoW: 2 months of subcription $30
    Rift (steam sale) $15
    Rift CE Upgrade $5
    Star Wars the Old Republic Collector's Edition $250
    Star Wars the Old Republic: 6 months of subscription $78
    Guild Wars 2 $60
    Guild Wars 2 Item Shop purchases $20
    Neverwinter  $60
    Neverwinter Item Shop Purchases $50
    Marvel Heroes $30
    FFXIV Digital CE $38
    FFXIV 6 month sub $78
    Total $1,132
    I might have missed some things, but I think that is most of it.  Not as bad as I was originally worried when I started to add it up.


  • Neo_ViperNeo_Viper NotyourbusinessPosts: 598Member


    GW2 digital deluxe = $65

    $15 on average for GW2 per month = $210

    SW:TOR digital deluxe = $70 I think (don't remember)

    7 months of subscription to SW:TOR = 7x15 = $105

    At least 4 years of WoW sub for two accounts (I took short breaks) = 4 x 12 x 15 x 2 = $1440

    WoW Cataclysm and WoW Pandaland for two accounts = $35x4 (or something approaching) = $140

    Bought Rift (worst purchase in these last 5 years) = $55 (I think)

    There must be other purchases I do not remember right now.

    The total is something between $2000 and $2500 I think.

    I don't regret a cent of it, except the $55 of Rift which were a total waste of my money. But that's like 2.5% of my total so not a big deal.

    My computer is better than yours.

  • NaowutNaowut GroningenPosts: 649Member Uncommon

    These days I look back in disgust but Ive spend a few thousand.

    The weird thing is that the best times Ive had cost me no more than a subscription fee, but the last years of trying to find something fun to play (2008 - 2011) I frequently dropped 300euro's on a game I only played for a week or 2. 

    2 things are the cause. 1 Games are shit so I tried to make it fun by spending money ( Didnt work ) and 2, I didn't really have anything else to do. 


    Havn't spend a dime for at least a year now and my life is better than ever in case anyone is wondering. :P


    Just want to add that I didn't even count box prices. Just the F2P cancer.

  • dave6660dave6660 New York, NYPosts: 2,543Member Uncommon

    The only non trivial amount spent has been Eve Online.  Two accounts for three years, so $1,080.

    Sprinkled in there was a few months sub for City of Heroes and Vanguard.

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  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 402Member
    Very little and none of it wasted. A few months worth of subs to LoTRO and SWTOR. TSW box in a Steam sale. Played a couple of F2Ps and dropped $0 on those. Over five years I've probably spent as much on MMOs as I spend in a month on other hobbies. 
  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO SomewherePosts: 1,326Member
    Maybe around $250, not all that much. GW2 isn't even the biggest part of that, but it sure is the best value for money so far.

  • crasset15crasset15 TallinnPosts: 183Member

    ~2 years of runescape sub (before they went full retard with the microtransactions) - 150$

    GW2 - 60$ (still regretting it)

    TSW box + sub until f2p + 2 DLCs - 180$

    Wurm online - 40$ or so (probably the biggest surprise in those 5 years, chose a random MMO from the list and it was actually decent)

    Runes of magic - around $110, no idea what state this game is in now, haven't seen any ads or threads, so I'm guessing mostly dead, was fun while it lasted though

    DayZ - 25$ (for arma 2)


    so around 500-600 give or take

  • NadiaNadia Canonsburg, PAPosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Naowut

    Ive spend a few thousand.

    same -- for me probably around 4 thousand


    on EQ -alone- I spent around 2 thousand before WOW launched

    I subbed to EQ with multiple accts for 5 years, including buying 8 expansions for my 3 accts

  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member

    I spend about $30-$40 a month on I guess about 2k ?

    If I really want a jaw dropping price tag I'll work out how much I've spent on lunch in the last 5 years :/

  • KopogeroKopogero Shevat, ONPosts: 985Member Uncommon

    I wish there was something to spend $ on...

    For me was Aion + 2 months of sub then DCUO + 3 months of ($10 a month)  then returned to it when it became F2P, paid $20 for some DLC packages.

    Biggest $ sink over the couple years, obvioslly World of Warcraft. Bought MOP, and $140 for yearly sub on and off, so I've sinked around $200 since MOP came. (Keep in mind with annual pass promo, where I got Diablo 3 for free)

    So since November 28th (Aion release) to November 2013 = 5 full years I've spent total of $300-325 (Between Aion, DCUO and WOW) + another $50-70 (estimated if I've played WOW before that). $400-450 top, round it $500

    $500 for 5 years, $100 a year playing the best of what's available out there. Not bad, but could've done better and there is a very big chance this is my last month of WOW monthly sub.


  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 937Member Uncommon

    Vendetta Online

    Free download.

    Premium Subscription (since Nov. 2008) - $479.97

    Lite Sub (2nd acct, since Oct. 2013) - $1.98

    Merchandise (Aquean Ore Carrier + Fleet Long Sleeve, Hunter Green) - $51.98

    Total - $533.93

    Unless you count the ticket I purchased to CTIA 2011 so I could meet the devs, which was an additional couple hundred including gasoline, probably, and the opportunity cost of devoting over a thousand hours to playing the game :-).

    "To be what you are not, experience what you are not." -Saint John of the Cross
    Authored 131 missions in Vendetta Online
    Check it out on Steam

  • NorseGodNorseGod Behind Enemy Lines, FLPosts: 948Member Uncommon

    In the past 5 years? Not as much as I use to, not even close. I'm now only subbed to one game and one account at a time, 8 months out of the year. Skipped gaming most of last year. ~$500?


    Hell, my rig is 5 years old. I use to stay up-to-date, but there's no reason to anymore.


    Have you guys included costs for gaming rigs and hardware over the five years?


    And no, I'm not burnt out. I have the money. I want to spend it on a good MMORPG. I want to build a new rig just for a MMORPG.

    There just isn't any worth it.


    **edit Oh yeah, I bought a few boxes/expansions and spent some money trying out "free" games. So maybe ~$1.1k total for 5 years. Still waaaay lower than the golden era and I was drinking $150 per night out back then too.

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  • BraindomeBraindome Posts: 816Member Uncommon
    • Age of Conan - $190 still play it and love it, totally worth it. Currently subbed.
    • Runes of Magic - $1,200  and so not worth it. I wish I had never laid eyes or a hand on that game, totally blown and wasn't fun in the end. Ended up giving the account to a friend as I just couldn't stomach the cost anymore. This game taught me alot on how to never spend money this foolishly ever again.
    • FFXIV:ARR - $50 subbed for one month after first free month and now i'm not playing till they roll in updates (pvp/housing), really good pve game and so far worth it though I still prefer AoC overall at this point, may change later.
    • FFXI - $12.99 subbed a month for nostalgia
    • Star Citizen - $45 future investment, can't wait to give it a go.
    • Asheron's Call $40 subbed four months, always worth it to go back when feel the need.
    • Tera - $80 bought a few things and just enjoy it from time to time, not my mainstay game, but worth it and fun to go back to.
    • Path of Exile - $30 Totally worth it, go to it when I want some ARPG.
    • EQ1/2/Wizardry/Vanguard/Dc Universe/Sony games - $100 Bought some stuff in each and pop in from time to time, but least played overall.
    • Rift - $40 Bought some stuff, don't like the way the gameplay is, deleted, wasted money imo.
    • Wurm Online - $20 was totally worth it, enjoyed it while I played but don't really play anymore as don't have enough time overall.
    • Firefall - $70 this was an initial investment that I think I regret, not sure yet, but it doesn't seem to be doing good. I have some cool items and stuff and have had a "little" fun. Great graphics, kinda boring though good concept.
    • SWTOR - $80 meh, don't play it anymore, too generic for my liking, just seems dead even when people are there. Wasn't really worth it.
    • SWG - $120 spent a bit before it died, spent more before then, pretty upset it closed down, still miss it. (i listed this seperate from Sony games as it deserves its own spot)
    • Star Trek Online - $80 i've bought some ships and other do-dads. I pop in from time to time as it is different and unique, not a main game for me though.
    • Darkfall - $30 bought it played it for a month, quit. Had fun when running in large groups, solo play was rough though, too rough and wasn't enjoyable enough to stay subbed (for me).
    • Eve Online - $40 played a few months had fun, quit, was gonna come back but they deleted my account so screw them, really made me mad.
    • Hellgate London $199 yes I bought a lifetime subscription also the last time I ever will, talk about a HUGE letdown, man I was bummed. Loved the game, was fun as could be, but man they closed the game 2 months after release, this left an impression on me as far as lifetime subs is concerned and why I will not touch Marvel Heroes as I am still fairly mad with Bill Roper. This is the worst mistake I have made next to Runes of Magic, though the game was actually quite better. Still...

    Total: $2426.99

    So yeah, lol, i've played alot all around and the majority has been worth it and I can definitely say i've experienced alot of different types, but now I just stick to a couple and lightly dabble in others (very lightly) as I have been bitten a couple of times and other than that it has been worth it.





  • NadiaNadia Canonsburg, PAPosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Braindome
    • Hellgate London $199 yes I bought a lifetime subscription

    i made same mistake

  • greenreengreenreen Punchoo, AKPosts: 2,101Member Uncommon

    Not much that I recall. I'm into sub games so there aren't many to choose from lately. I'm not even tied into one at all right now though I'm watching Darkfall just concerned about all the forum complaints. Whenever devs need to silence people that's a red flag so seeing if they will get it together and listen to their community. I also only play one game at a time and am not a game hopper so I research much more than I purchase or even try if it's free. I don't walk in the door if I don't have an interest in staying committed to the game.

    Bought GW2 box, never spent one penny in their shop, left after the ascended gear was being introduced and they banned my forum account for saying that I didn't buy the game for a gear grind and what about pvp - around 50.

    Had a Ryzom sub for about 2 years, can't explain why I left other than it takes time away from other things and can be grindy once they set all our stats back to nothing - around 250 because they charged me a fee for international payments each scheduled payment

    Spent some on Wurm setting up a settlement but left some of the money behind after their payment issue made me lose trust. I just walked away leaving the unused money fearing even to login when it was a security issue. That one was funny, my bank called to confirm that I was intentionally spending the money since it was a foreign transaction. First time I had that happen but made me like my bank for watching online transactions. - around 100

    Was subbed to Vanguard for maybe 6 mos then they went F2P so I ran... quickly once their announcement was final and they weren't listening to reason. I recall being the only person telling them that F2P was bad news. Their community was so desperate for population they practically begged for it, I was not of that mindset. Every once in awhile I read their forums and see that it didn't skyrocket them into international fame like the people imagined. People still found reasons to not play the game free or not - around 90

    Rift I played from day 1 and stayed subbed for about 4 months? It wasn't too long. Left that one I'll blame on me, joined a raiding guild and took on too much responsibility. It made me remember why I left WOW. I don't have 14 hours a day to devote to a game. - around 120

    I can't even remember any other games that were within 5 years, WAR, WOW, Runescape, LOTRO, all too long ago I played to have been in that time frame.

    Adding it up it's in the range of 600-650 USD. As expected, not much.

    Edit: Oh, I looked up WAR, it might barely fit into the 5 year. Toss another 200 on the barb a qua'. Stayed subbed to that for awhile and got the box.


    To put reference to what I've spent. I buy expensive jigsaw puzzles that cost $50 or so a box over 2k pieces. I decorate with them when complete and I've spent as much if not more on those over 5 years.


    I barely drink and I have no children (by choice as a fem) and my only debt is some bits of student loans but they are so low interest there is no hurry to push them off. My money is all mine to blow on things that bring me enjoyment because I have no real debt and have never taken a credit card. I buy only what I can afford and I know how to budget and save money. I once lived on 7k for an entire year when hours got cut at my job and I still had an mmo sub so people who say they can't afford them I know to be living in excess elsewhere.

  • DAOWAceDAOWAce Flanders, NJPosts: 146Member Uncommon

    $60 for Guild Wars 2, about half a year prior to its release, via a pre-purchase.

    It ended up going as low as $45 from multiple e-tailers about a month from release.  ArenaNet/NCSoft basically said 'tough shit' and refused to do anything short of terminate my account refund me, which I obviously rejected.

    I ended up quitting within the launch week because of how horrible their server stability was; so did quite a few of my friends.  I went back later and played on and off since then, but the launch issues really ruined  the game for me.


    I have not spent money on another MMO otherwise; F2P all the way ever since I quit WoW prior to TBC's release (I did go back over the years via free game time, but that's been it).  For comparison, my friend still spends $15/mo to grind and grind and grind away in WoW and no matter what i do to try and get him to quit, he just somehow refuses and tries to defend the game.  To think he even quit in the first place..  (went back after MoP's relese)

  • DragimDragim Boring, KSPosts: 867Member Uncommon

    A lot.  lol.

    Oh you mean just ON mmos?  Not IN mmos?  (Item shops, or whatever "shop" you want to call it.)

    More than I want to know, but probably less than $300 for subs/game price/itemshop.

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • f0dell54f0dell54 Des Moines, IAPosts: 329Member Common


    Probably thousands. Not even going to try to figure it out. It will only make me depressed.

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