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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: Closed Beta Key Giveaway -- Day Seven!



  • con7concon7con SHEFFIELDMember Posts: 1

    Uther the Lightbringer!

  • D4ng3rrD4ng3rr ReggioMember Posts: 2
  • GildorrGildorr PrdelovMember Posts: 3
    Valeera Sanguinar
  • VivaciousPlaygroVivaciousPlaygro dhdhdh, IAMember Posts: 4


  • ildiavoloildiavolo St AustellMember Posts: 3
  • DrakkmoDrakkmo BucharestMember Posts: 8
    Gul'dan is my favorite!
  • Jhester3Jhester3 MerchtemMember Posts: 4
  • KaviarKaviar hønefossMember Posts: 3
  • LelynLelyn Bolton, ONMember Posts: 6
    Malfurion for sure
  • Drno2005Drno2005 New York, NYMember Posts: 7
  • xin13xin13 GironaMember Posts: 7
    Anduin Wrynn
  • GinshawGinshaw Derby, KSMember Posts: 10

    On the Seventh day the noble adventure looked upon the boards of messages, his head tilted slightly and eyes narrowed as he thought upon the best way to enter such a grand contest. Time was certaintly ticking, he thought, but still he sat and pondered upon a way that would draw the eyes of those that would decide the fate of so many. Thus..He began to write.

    "In the times of trouble where the years of destruction threatened to tear apart the fabric of society, there arose a hero. A hero, who while young, thought he knew what was best for himself and his people he was chosen to lead. Yes, dear readers, I speak of the young and the brash Garrosh Hellscream, son of the famous Hellscream.

    You see in these troubling times, the Horde's Warchief found himself in a troubled state of mind. Thrall could only think of the many excuses that would place his duties upon the shoulders of someone else. Aye..The world faced a dark future if he did not think of it as a whole, but in these troubling days..Did he not think of what his people might have felt? Watching thier true Warchief slip away, and ignoring to appoint any of the wiser and more seasoned leaders.

    But as Garrosh took the title, mantle and duties..He did so with a true love of the Horde in his heart. Though young and inexperence, he truly thought his deeds were what the Horde required, what they needed in these dark times. Garrosh was a warrior of true natural talent, and if given the years of training he deserved, he would have easily taken the mantle of Warchief from through and ruled as honorably and successful as he always dreamed.

    Thus..On this Seventh day of challenges, I continue to support the young Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, in these times where our voices may be heard..

    May Garrosh find the glory of victory and the peace of heart."

    A Wary Traveler

  • BlakkheimBlakkheim BorlMember Posts: 10
    It's Gul'Dan! :)
  • akoseanakosean Whitehouse, TXMember Posts: 9
  • BENCOHENBENCOHEN LodMember Posts: 2
    Thrall for life!!!!!!!
  • PossibleKittensPossibleKittens dgdfgdfgf, IAMember Posts: 4

    Jaina Proudmoore

  • crunchlescrunchles Tumwater, WAMember Posts: 9
    Gul'dan.  I'm a fan of having to make tough decisions and take hits to get early power on the board.
  • NkjoelbyNkjoelby AalborgMember Posts: 2
    Uther the Lightbringer
  • kofwaykofway Toronto, ONMember Posts: 5
    Thrall the Shaman.
  • FluffhoofFluffhoof PragueMember Posts: 6
    Valeera Sanguinar!
  • nightwishdianonightwishdiano Member Posts: 6
  • lolinhololinho legnicaMember Posts: 5
  • Yahooo0Yahooo0 RigaMember Posts: 2
    Anduin Wrynn
  • volldostvolldost xtalMember Posts: 5
  • aodpipaodpip LisburnMember Posts: 10

    Anduin Wrynn.

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