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[Review] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: A Realm Revitalized



  • HappyFunBallHappyFunBall Boston, MAPosts: 220Member Uncommon

    "I only wish the environments were more open and allowed for more in-depth exploration."

    Can someone shed some light on this for me?  Can I go explore the world or not?  The reviewer is saying you can explore the countryside, then said that he wishes it was more open world, on page 2 of the review as well.

    I'm confused.  How is it "less" open world.. or how is it limited?  I wish I could try before you buy.

  • ravenoakravenoak lempaalaPosts: 10Member

    to say after this long time. well this was real well done MMORPG a lot of things I loved, prolly most was how small numbers on damage and health were brought back, well to say it has quite lot of innovation in it, also to anyone that questions it but SE is actively banhammering bots and gold sellers, been since problems arose, they even keep working quite much on autoblock chat funktions (this can be seen how newer gold seller bots day by day change the address of their site by format of typing (common ones when I left game were C=www , @=www, C=G+0+ld etc similarities because automated scripts were constantly updated to prevent problem))

    as to say one could even notice how spamm methods changed and how quite few original spammers actually just dropped out ...there were like 10+ when spamming started on release ...there were only 3 by December left  

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