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Diablo 3: Designing Westmarch

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Diablo III team is kicking up the information release for the Reaper of Souls expansion, due out in Spring 2014. A new blog post, "Westmarch Level Design", has appeared on the official site and it gives players a good look at why the look and feel of the region was chosen, as well as a sneak peek into mini-dungeons sprinkled throughout the area.

Littered throughout the zone, you'll also find multitudes of randomized sequences we affectionately refer to as "cellars," named after the one-room events scattered throughout Old Tristram in Act I.

This concept of one-room events has been taken to a new level in Reaper of Souls, to the point where you might consider these less like events and more like mini dungeons. One of our artists, Johannes Thé, came up with a new idea on how to chain together multiple types of rooms, which has allowed our designers to create some truly immersive experiences!
Imagine starting in a small house that opens up into a courtyard, where a path guides you through an alleyway to a new house. Not only is this a great way to introduce larger, more interesting story elements, but it's an opportunity to experience Westmarch as though you were actually traveling through it.

Read more on the Diablo III site.



  • bbuuddbbuudd edmonton, ABPosts: 8Member
    Can't wait for RoS expansion! God knows how many hours I've killed on diablo 1-3
  • SanktasSanktas GuthenburgPosts: 4Member
    Gotta say, this expansion is looking to be more exciting than all of diablo 3 had to offer yet :P
  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,247Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by nttajira
    diablo 1 gooddiablo 2 BEST GAMEdiablo 3 crap....diablo 3 exp ?

    D1 best in series by far.
    D2 click fest that moved the game in completely the wrong direction
    D3 great game with such awful itemization that it was painful to play.
    D3 exp maybe fixes this? Hard to say.

    D2 is probably the most overrated game in my own lifetime though, such a mediocre title.

  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon

    The real reason why d3 sucked.

    Not to mention the rather weak story, or the extreme spreading thin of content with the conception of inferno. Nothing like playing the game 4 times over. Guess they though we'd be extra thankful the fourth time around.


    That actually reminds me, I'm glad they never kept Ruthless difficulty in Path of Exile.

    Even if they don't get their act together, Dungeon Striker will at least have some fun boss fights to enjoy in January.

  • Mellcore85Mellcore85 PraguePosts: 4Member

    D1 - ohhh so nostalgic, great game of my childhood.

    D2 - great game of my adolescent years.

    D3 - not bad, but not great, but still good, and with RoS will be again ... great game of my adult years :))


    D4 - soo, i think than if this game will be release, it was ... great game of my old age years :D

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