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MMO recommendation



  • qombiqombi Unknown, LAMember Posts: 1,170 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Foreverdream
    what your looking for is age of conan, a true mmo, with difficult dungeons


    Thanks I will have a look
  • goldtoofgoldtoof leedsMember Posts: 337
    I don't subscribe to the wow is an EQ clone school of thought.

    EQ (and daoc, ac & vanguard) are about open world pve with open world dungeons.

    Wow is about running instanced dungeons and raids with your guild / friends over a single evening without other people turning up.

    Personally I prefer the 1st system, but someone who really likes early wow dungeons, the dungeons in rift, tsw, Aoc and indeed the instanced ones from eq2 are more of the same thing.
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