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[Review] Guild Wars 2: Raising the Bar



  • Verbruggen564Verbruggen564 Hamilton, ONPosts: 1Member

    Longevity score is a fail...  GW2 has died hard.  I suggest a rereview...  this game does not deserve top spot on the list.


    also for longevity you have said in other game reviews that f2p is good but have scoffed at the pay to win cash shops in which you did not say anything bad about it here...  



  • FlintsteenFlintsteen HolstebroPosts: 281Member Uncommon
    i like GW2.  i like the combatsystem.  it feels responsive and at least to me it's fun.  What i dont like is the Explorer mode dungeons.  They are just too hard for the required level even if you have nice gear. Imo the explorer modes should have been level 80 only or have been easier.  For a level 40 Group of friends even on teamspeak entering an Explorer mode dungeon is just not that fun. It's doable but considering it's level 40 content it s just too hard.  It doesn't make you want to come back for more.
  • TalemireTalemire Clearwater, FLPosts: 738Member Uncommon
    8.5 at best IMO... It's good, but really not all that amazing of a game.

    MMORPGs are great to look forward to after a hard day of work, but heaven is the ultimate reward for those who live Christ-like.

  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,247Member Uncommon


    Before you jump on me that is a good review for what has been a horrible genre for years now. Very few MMORPG have deserved better than a 5/10 in the past 6 years.

    The overall production values are amazing so that is where a ton of this comes from. Adding something more than just static content is a big plus even if it is just repetitive event chains.

    The game is simply too easy and it rewards you for everything without any effort at all. The completely non contested content is a sad joke and downleveling you every time you go to a lower level zone is an insult. Most of the zones feel like they are copy and pasted because of this and it is rare to find a point where you feel your actual skill at playing your character matters.

    On top of that the game is constantly pulling you out of the world into some sort of instance or mini game which just kills any sense of immersion in the world. The PvP is pretty much a zerg fest because of design choices they made. The dungeons don't work that well because they didn't give you the tools to support each other properly. Ultimately speaking this leads to a pretty boring gaming experience most of the time.

    On top fo all that this is the least social MMORPG I've ever played. It feels more like I'm on a server with 1000 NPCs than playing an actual MMORPG. Nobody ever talks to each other and there is no real reason to group outside of dungeons.

    There is so much good in this game yet a ton of design decisions killed any chance of this being an amazing game. It is way too focused on making sure everyone 'wins' and not enough on making an immersive world.

  • doodphacedoodphace Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,858Member Uncommon
    Holy necro batman
  • dakkuardakkuar NonePosts: 1Member

    game is nice and all, fun when you start out

    but there is hardly any real social interaction, ppl dont speak to each other freely.

    dungeons and everything else that you wouldnt expect to be too repetitive, is so damn repetitive.

    yeah you gonna go explore everything and try out everything, grind for something thats gonna lead you to get a legendary lol...the weapon skin farm isnt really an endgame

    there is no endgame. gear is easily obtainable without a proper progression tiers. lack of reward system that has some weight is to obvious.

    running headlessly in WvW following commanders tag to cap objectives and at the same time actually avoiding pvp is all there is in WvW. theres hardly pvp action on some servers besides spvp.

    you dont need to work for gear or weapons that you use in sPvP, everything is unlocked just make a build, instant fun until that to gets you bored.

    for me, gw2 is a fail game. it may look nice, it provides some degree of entertainment, but its not worth the money even though its relatively cheap.

    im over 2k hours in game and still havent found a solid reason to stay beside doing casual spvp with a few of my RL friends.

    the game is just that, a casual fun, something to kill time 

  • SpudzMcKenzieSpudzMcKenzie Beaumont, CAPosts: 1Member

    I've played GW2 for over a year now, the game is awesome save a few issues.   First two programmers for this huge mmorpg, no where near enough and a looming expansion that will more than test them.  PvP and PvE content is very well designed and the story lines that vary slightly between races keeps it slightly interesting once you hit Lvl 80.  What suffers significantly is the WvW environment, partially because ANET has no real policing policy and any infractions in poor gamesmanship, botting or hacking is very poorly punished and worse as with many mmorpg's the total lack of integrity among the players all but ruins that aspect of the game.  Conceptually they have it right, but until they hire enough programmers, organize and hire some game currency paid "guards" or "referees" the best part of the game for me is a huge let down. 

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