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(EU) Touch of Darkness (PvE / sPvP / WvW)

HardistHardist HeerlenPosts: 5Member

About our Guild - General Guild Information - Recruitment Policy


Server: Underworld

Location: Europe

Style: PvE / WvW

Requirements: Click here


We are a Guild Wars 2 Gaming Guild, founded on May the 18th of 2012 by Judit and Ron (Veni and Hardist). We are a friendly, social, mature, helpful and active guild, currently 50 members strong. If you wish to know more about us, then you can find all information you need in this post.


What is the "Touch of Darkness" exactly?

We are a Guild Wars 2 Guild, consisting of around 50 members at this time. Since nobody can play everyday, we have around 10 - 15 members online during the evenings (19:00 CET - 22:00 CET). We do not like overkill, so having more than 20 people online during the evenings is a bit too much for us, but we are still looking to expand our guild to at least 75 members.

We play mostly PvE, Dungeons, and World vs World together. We level together, group up to go through some dungeons and simply join a zerg in WvW or have some fun of our own. This is what we are playing mostly. sPvP is not something we are currently active in, but anything is possible, and if you wish to set up your own sPvP Team within our guild, that is no issue at all, since there are people interested in it, but nobody is currently interested in leading or forming a team in it.


What can The Touch of Darkness offer you?

As with most guilds, we promise a lot of things. But unlike other guilds, we keep those promises. We are friendly, mature, active, social, helpful and above all, respectful to each and every of our members. Also, we do not recruit the character, we recruit the player behind the character. I also know this is a much heard phrase, but we actually do care about all our members. After we recruit you, we have a private chat with you, explaining what we're all about, telling you what we expect from our members and we will check if we all have the same mindset and goals. We always keep in touch with you, we will never make you feel lonely or bored in our guild. And guaranteed, our guild is drama free.


We also have our own Guild Manager included within our forums/website now, which is still being tested to kill all the bugs. We used to have the Manager as a seperate website, but now we have integrated it into our forums. Check out some screenshots here:


Manager Screenshot 1

Manager Screenshot 2

Manager Screenshot 3

Manager Screenshot 4


What are we looking for?

We are looking for like minded players to form a "family-like" guild. We want everyone to know everyone, so we expect our people to mingle in the guild chat every now and then, and interact with others, in-game and outside of the game, on our forums. We feel a game is much more enjoyable when you are playing together with friends, so in this guild, you truly are not a number, but we do care. Our motto is: Quality, not quantity.


Anything else?

I have explained the basics which there are to know about our guild. If you wish to know more, then I suggest you visit our website or click on any of the links posted at the top for some more information. If you want to have a chat with us, in-game or on teamspeak, please contact me and we can set it up. You can also always send me an e-mail at:

hardist [at] touchofdarkness [dot] com


Click here to apply


Thank you for reading our introduction and we hope to hear from you soon!


  • HardistHardist HeerlenPosts: 5Member
    We are still growing and always on the lookout for new, social and friendly members, to play all aspects this game has to offer together.
  • HardistHardist HeerlenPosts: 5Member

    We're gained over 12 members in the last week and are still growing strong. We are using our Guild Manager to the fullest now and are organising Fractals, Dungeons, Missions and Guild Events. If you would like an active guild with something to do together every day, please check us out:

    See you there!


  • HardistHardist HeerlenPosts: 5Member

    Good morning everyone,


    As you can see on our [url=]Calendar[/url], we've been busy organizing various events throughout the week, with success. Ofcourse all new members have to get used to our "Guild Manager" but so far it seems to be a good success.


    We're going to add a few "Guild Events" aswell, which we will be doing weekly. To sum them up quickly:


    - Weekly WvW Event with our own commander(s)

    - Weekly Map Completion

    - Weekly Champion Slayer


    In the WvW event we will be going to capture and defend various things in WvW and one of our own commanders will be leading the event with his or her tag on. We did our first event like this yesterday and it was a great success.


    The weekly map completion is all about completion one whole map in it's entirety with everyone who wishes to join. We will be doing all hearts, points of interests, vista's, waypoints and skillpoints.


    Last but not least, the weekly Champion Slayer event will mean we're going into one of the maps using one of our commanders to kill a few champions to gain some loot for everyone, and ofcourse it's fun aswell, which is the main point.


    If you are looking for an active, small to medium sized guild (50 members currently) and if you're a social, casual player then we would like to ask you to check out the Touch of Darkness, and apply here:



    Hope to see you soon!

  • HardistHardist HeerlenPosts: 5Member

    Recent updates and changes to the guild:

    New Guild Events:

    - Map Completion Event (We complete at least one map totally with people who signed up)

    - Search & Find (The event organiser hides somewhere in a big city, the first person to find him/her wins 10 gold)

    TeamSpeak Changes:

    - We now have our teamspeak hosted ourselves

    - We can soon hold up to 500 members (good for World vs World events for example)

    Increasing Members:

    - We gained new members and can now easily hold daily events (dungeons, fractals, guild events and so on)

    - We're having guild meetings on teamspeak every two weeks

    sPvP Team:

    - We are starting to play sPvP seriously with at least one solid team

    - We have two main sPvP team leaders appointed for this

    As you can see we're still planning stuff daily so we're never bored and we always have enough people to play together. So, if you are looking for a casual guild that players just about every aspect of the game, we are the guild for you.

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