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[Hardware Review] General: MMO Mouse-Off



  • BlitzwolfeBlitzwolfe Everett, WAPosts: 90Member Uncommon

    I've used my Razer Death Adder for a few years now.  This is the only Razer product I have purchased that has really lasted.  I'll be upset when it breaks.


    My Razer Carcharias (headset) and Anansi (keyboard) both died and were replaced at the 18 month mark.  The Anansi had issues with sticky keys that just became unbearable.  And the Carcharias wire failed eventually like most wired heaedsets do, the wire breaking loose at the headset end.


    I replaced the Anansi with a SteelSeries Apex Raw and I feel it's a much better keyboard even though I have only been using it a few months.


    I replaced my Carcharias with a Plaintronics Gamecom 780 and like them about equally.  I've had issues with Planetronics in the past, however I could not get a warranty replacement for the Carcharias because the design has been replaced by more expensive products by Razer.  That disappointed me greatly, so on a lark I got the Gamecom 780 at the recommendation of a gal at BestBuy.  I have yet to be disappointed by them and they are less expensive.


    At this point I think if my Death Adder dies and the warranty is over, I'll go SteelSeries for a new mouse.  As their products seem to be better without the hype and less markup.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,867Member Legendary
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    Originally posted by CrazKanuk
    Anything wireless out there that's decent? 

    I use a Logitech G700 with my laptop.  It is nice but not a "gaming" mouse per say.



    I disagree Grakulen. I think it's a perfect gaming mouse. I don't use a gamepad like a G13, but I think with that you wouldn't even need a keyboard.

    With Logitech Gaming Sofware you can configure the mouse to do some cool stuff - like confgurations bound to executables, multiple configs per game, scalable dpi and polling.

    It just uses a different philosophy behind binding. The G600 and its ilk use the many button config style while the G700 uses fewer buttons and multiple profiles.

    I agree that if you want a keyboard replacement the G600 is a better mouse, but if you're a keyboard+mouse user the G700 is great.

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  • o0Detox0oo0Detox0o Toronto, ONPosts: 4Member
    Madcatz Cyborg M.M.O. 7. 
  • discopetediscopete Chicago, ILPosts: 15Member
    Originally posted by o0Detox0o
    Madcatz Cyborg M.M.O. 7. 

    I didn't have a chance to test one of those. What do you like about it? The variable weight system is intriguing...

  • FjolsvithFjolsvith United States, KSPosts: 1Member
    My wife and I use the Logitech Marble Mouse USB because it lets you pan around instantly without having to pick a mouse up and move it back across the pad to continue to pan.
    Plus, its fairly inexpensive and very durable.  Only problem, like MsFit writes above, is no scrollwheel.  So we keep a Logitech mouse handy beside it just to use the scrollwheel on it.
  • NevulusNevulus Miami Beach, FLPosts: 1,288Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sovrath
    Originally posted by Hatefull
    I have had 2 razer mice, and both fell apart within a couple weeks.  I currently use a RAT 7 and I really like it.  I have big hands so a big mouse is a must.   I used quite a few Logitechs, and found them to be reliable and comfortable.

    I wonder if that's because some players have tight grips or are "hard" on the mouse.

    I have the original Razer naga and it still works flawlessly.

    In my case it's because the wireless stopped working altogether, and the mouse no longer would charge. So my Epic Razer Naga turned into a regular wired Razer Naga, and customer support was a slow tedious process.

    Friends of mine reported the double contact problem with their razers. Out of 6 of us, 3 razers failed in a year for different reasons.


    For wireless I now use a Logittech Performance MX, Dark Crystal. Its not a gaming mouse but it works on anything. Glass desk, lap, pillow, whatever. Which makes it a great partner to my laptop. For wired MMO gaming I still use the razer naga until something wireless comes along not from Razer.

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare
    Make sure you are wired for gaming, its the only way to play. We have so few hardware reviews on this site, good to see another one. I suppose the next one will be this time next year? Why not do a semi-regular feature, we all use these products it does make sense.

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  • AbimorAbimor McAllen, TexasPosts: 388Member Uncommon
    I use a wireless Logitech trackman wheel it has two buttons and a scroll wheel. Am I really missing out? I like the trackerball that I can use my thumb to move it seems to keep my wrist from getting to tired.
  • FonclFoncl Posts: 258Member Uncommon

    Personally I don't see the advantage of having all those buttons on the mouse when I have more than enough on the keyboard already. Pressing buttons with your mouse-thumb means you lose some control over the mouse since the mouse is controlled with pressure between thumb and whichever finger(s) you have on the opposite side.


    I'm partial due to playing many fast paced FPS-games, where mouse control is much more important than in tab-target MMO's, but I just don't see the benefit of having all those buttons on a mouse. My left hand is focused on pressing buttons, I have more than I'll ever use on the keyboard, while my right hand controls the mouse with as much precision as possible. After having used a lightweight mouse, these MMO-mice weigh like a brick in comparison. On top if it all, these mice are expensive.


    I use a Logitech g100s mouse that weighs 69.5g after removing the 13g weight inside. A Razer naga weighs 135g, 135g doesn't sound like much but after using a mouse that weighs half as much for a while you'll feel the difference.
  • YohanuYohanu Laholm, AKPosts: 214Member Uncommon
    I use a Steelseries Xai Laser combined with a Steelseries 6gv2 (black cherry MX) mechanical keyboard. Both look ordinary and not over the top (i absolutely hate flashy stuff), but cost a fair bit.
  • FonclFoncl Posts: 258Member Uncommon

    What you should be looking at primarily on a mouse is shape, weight, build quality and sensor performance imo. When I say sensor performance I don't mean DPI and all these other nonsense numbers they market mice with.


    Some things you should find out about the sensor are:

    • is it an optical sensor or a laser sensor?(read up on the pros and cons of both and decide what you want)
    • what is the lift-off distance on different surfaces?(how far do you have to lift the mouse over your mousepad before it stops tracking, it's a matter of preference)
    • does the sensor jitter?(some sensors perform poorly which results in jitter, avoid these mice)
    • what is the maximum control speed?(how fast can you move the mouse before it's not able to keep up with tracking, if you use a low sensitivity this can be a big issue)
    • does it work well on the type of mousepad you have?(mice can work differently on cloth/hardpads, different colored pads etc)
    • does the sensor have built in acceleration? if so, negative or positive acceleration and how much?(laser sensors have built in acceleration for example and some optical sensors do as well)
    • does the sensor have angle snapping? (some sensors are programmed with path correction that help you draw straight lines easier, affects precision)
  • o0Detox0oo0Detox0o Toronto, ONPosts: 4Member
    Originally posted by discopete
    Originally posted by o0Detox0o
    Madcatz Cyborg M.M.O. 7. 

    I didn't have a chance to test one of those. What do you like about it? The variable weight system is intriguing...

    Being fully adjustable is cool, but I'd say my favorite things about the mouse are having access to 5 buttons without having to move your thumb off of the directional button on the side, and the 2 programmable buttons that are on top of the mouse basically giving you access to 2 left click and 2 right click buttons. It's expensive, but Its definitely my favourite mouse so far, although I haven't tried the G600 yet. 

  • WolfhammerWolfhammer KetteringPosts: 806Member Uncommon

    Aye I'm in the Naga camp.  I could not play a game again without it.  I have no idea how I managed before I got it >.<



  • WightyWighty Westbury, NYPosts: 699Member Uncommon

    I am due for a new mouse and I was looking into the Mad Catz MMO7 and would like some more information and feedback on this:


    It seems almost everything I read about Razr products is either awesome of terrible... Its hard to get an accurate review because of the hater/fanboi of the products...


    I am currently using a Wired Logitech G9... Between the cat eating the cord and just years of use I am ready for a change but Logitech has always seemed very plastic. I had 2 G15's fail on me on the Keyboard sid, and am now loving my Corsair Vengeance mechanical keyboard. 


    Just need a mouse that will accompany my keyboard.


    PS Mousepad is a Zalmann AMP 1100 aluminum mousepad which is a huge upgrade over cloth/plastic.


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  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon

    ever since I got used to my naga (i have the 2013 model tho) i cannot, cannot use any other mouse for gaming.  the 1-12 buttons on the side are so useful any other flaws kind of slip by.


    i even map the ability keys in MOBA games to the 1-5 keys so i can use the naga shortcut buttons for that too.


    never had a problem with it in the year i've owned it.

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  • GediasGedias Miami, FLPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    I think if you prefer to claw grip your mouse then the Naga 2014 is better than the g600 (haven't used the Steelseries).   I used the g600 daily for about 2 weeks but I could never claw grip it properly and after 30-40 minutes of use my hand would cramp up.  The Naga on the other hand seems smaller and easier to move around the mouse pad.

    The button pad is decent on both, with maybe the g600 buttons a little easier to distinguish.  But I would have preferred a 9-button pad, with buttons slightly larger and angled in towards the center "5" button where I usually rest my thumb.

    One bonus to the Naga 2014 compared to earlier versions is the tilt function on the scroll wheel.  I've gotten so used to mapping these buttons in MMO's that I can't live without them :)

  • KilrainKilrain OregonPosts: 1,136Member Uncommon
    logitech G500, accept no substitute,
  • goldtoofgoldtoof leedsPosts: 337Member
    Corsair are the best at claw grip mice
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