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Questions about the game

KothosesKothoses GalwayPosts: 851Member Uncommon

So I have some questions me and a +1 are considering playing this as a side game, in addition to or main mmos.

Anyway I have tried googling but obviously not well enough.


1, Can you have your dragons out while grouped with other players.

2, what is the standard group size for dungeons

3, is there open world group content.

4, what sort of time frame are you looking at before you get an accurate feel for the game

Any advice is appreciated.

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  • peppe1337peppe1337 BerlinPosts: 1Member

    Hello, let me try to answer your questions:


    1. It doesn't matter if you are in a group or in which situation. Every player can take out one dragon at his side. In cities, in dungeons, in raids. Everywhere.

    2. Dungeons can be done in three different levels: 1 player, 3 player or 5 player.

    3. There is now since last month a world boss implemented ( pretty tuff!)

    4. It is not easy to get the system of the game. Not much is explained, but with some in-game help it is now problem. The players are damn kind and helpful. No clue why! :D


    Hope this helps you,



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