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MMOs to Dayz

PeenenvyPeenenvy el paso, TXPosts: 13Member

I want to tell my experience coming from 10 years plus gaming only MMO games to playing a game called Dayz.

At first I was very skeptical and hesitant about trying it was mentioned by my buddy 6 months ago to take a look.Since then I guess there was no building or scavenging materials. Just find weapons and somewhat call something home.Then try to fight zombies and other players off with little point to the game.

About 2 weeks ago I started playing and realized they had mod packs for different game play. I have found myself deeply immersed in Epoch Mod. (which is easily downloaded and installed by Dayz Commander program.)

I have had a blast when you talk about competitive and rewarding gaming experience. Its difficult at first because depending on which server  you start on (hosted by players who rent servers with different sets of rules and game play) you only get a limited amount of things. Then you are on your way to gather enough food/supplies to maybe set up a base somewhere that's suitable to you. While avoiding players, AI (if the server allows AI) and zombies.

This game is not only PVP servers for their is PVE servers. That are plenty full for those who just want to let the zombies be their only concern.

But my basic point is the world is yours to build establish anything you want. I play on PVP/AI server with 4-5 friends and never thought I would enjoy this game. But the possibilities are endless.

MMOs have become so mainstream and a lot of games are feeling like Xbox MMOs limited and restricting. We need more games/developers teaming up for innovative features and game breaking boundaries players have always dreamed of. Something similar of Dayz allowing players to develop Mods and  immerse their vision to other players and let it take off from there.

Now if someone could untangle Dayz and develop medieval theme would be mind blowing to me. But the possibilities with this type of engine and code to the players seems to be endless. I have seen one where it's drugs dealers vs cops version of Dayz lol. A lot of interesting variety of gaming types with options to build or alter the world is endless and amazing.

I know I have dragged this out but my point is don't chase mainstream MMO development. Its pointless and narrow minded industry now with no plans to take risk and jump out of the boundaries we are stuck in with every MMO release. We need power to the players type companies/DEVs.



  • irnbru69irnbru69 perthPosts: 91Member Uncommon

    dayz is such a good game its set the standard for a new type of gaming genre.  I was already playing the very under rated arma series for a few years so going on to dayz was almost a natural thing for me.

    The very first time I played dayz I actually managed to survive for about 72 hours ig time, its such a rewarding feeling.

    Theres a lot of people advising to others they should just wait on the Stand Alone game "as it will be out soon"  this is a pile of nonsense. The SA Alpha will hopefully be out soon, not the actual game release and the alpha wont even have vehicles to begin with.

    So if the game interests you at all, even the brilliant epoch mod then you should maybe try dayz for arma II. If you think for one second your going to get the dayz experience in the alpha SA  then im afraid its not going to happen for at least  a few months into the alpha or even beta

    (i hope).




  • PeenenvyPeenenvy el paso, TXPosts: 13Member
    Very impressed with types of servers and game play. It definitely is a buggy game but if you can look past that it is a awesome gaming experience for a different type of shooter.
  • sempiternalsempiternal DC, DCPosts: 1,082Member Uncommon

    Having never really played Arma 2 or DayZ before, I jumped into DayZ a couple months ago and after a short couple of weeks playing the original DayZ I made my way to the Epoch mod. DayZ is a pretty exciting and fun game, however it would not make my top 20. There is not really an end game to it, and it's basically a shooter with limited crafting and storage. However, DayZ Epoch takes it to the next level with a detailed crafting and construction system that is very similar or superior to most MMOs and that really makes the game much more replayable. You can custom build a house. So while DayZ probably would not make my top 20 games if I had to list them out, Epoch is currently my #4 favorite of all time. Of course, that is based upon my preference for multiplayer sandbox games. I rarely see any value or entertainment in playing single player games.

    It's kind of ironic that something so good would be free. But you can't count on large game corprorations to make anything good anymore. To describe it in related terms, they're mainly targeting the zombie masses.

    Can't wait to see what they do with Arma 3 Epoch!

  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon

    whoops. didnt realize this was a necro till it was too late...

    "There are at least two kinds of games.
    One could be called finite, the other infinite.
    A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
    an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
    Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse

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