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Hero of the Obelisk First Look

XaenexXaenex Miami, FLPosts: 70Member Uncommon

Hero of the Obelisk is a new Dungeon-Running MMORPG that is being published by GBE Games. It's currently in Closed Beta, and expected to end on October 20th. This is my first look experience of the game. Feel free to check it out when you have the opportunity, and look forward to its Open Beta in a number of months.



  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,890Member Uncommon

    wow, sorry but that looks horrendously bad


  • XaenexXaenex Miami, FLPosts: 70Member Uncommon
    Haha, believe it or not, it wasn't the worse anime-inspired MMO experience I've had. But yes, it was pretty.. meh.
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