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Small Form Factor PC Build

BrachusBrachus Taneytown, MDPosts: 96Member Uncommon

I'm looking to put together a new small form factor PC for my wife and son. It needs to be small because it will be going on the island in the kitchen. My wife's requirements are negligible, but besides using it for schoolwork, my son will also be playing some games on it; Tomb Raider, Pirate101, Mechwarrior Online, Borderlands 2, and a few others. I'm not looking for a top notch gaming system, just something that can handle those games and be stable on medium-ish settings.


Ignoring peripherals, keyboard/mouse/display, I'd like to keep it between $600 and $800. I've started to put a list together on Newegg several times, but I have a problem with settling for parts and tend to start grabbing upgrades saying, "well, it's only $20 more." By the time I am done, I'm at $1,000. Again, needs to be a small form factor for the location. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.


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