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Aeria Games? Wtf?

Big.Daddy.SamediBig.Daddy.Samedi Edmonton, ABPosts: 148Member Uncommon


Wtf? Did Aeria games buy funcom"?


  • MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYPosts: 176Member
    hope so
  • Frost_WraithFrost_Wraith edmonton, ABPosts: 13Member
    It would be beneficial. 
  • gigatgigat Minneapolis, MNPosts: 605Member Uncommon

    No, it's all about advertising and exposure.  It's similar to how Steam works.  You can download Star Trek Online from the Steam client, but Valve doesn't own Star Trek Online.

    I think Aeria also has a portal for SWTOR.

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  • HeretiqueHeretique Posts: 1,111Member Uncommon
    It's a partnership, nothing more (atm).

    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 9,001Member Rare
    Originally posted by Arrogant_Wormy


    Wtf? Did Aeria games buy funcom"?

    Nope - you missed this article on this site:


    "Funcom and Aeria Games have announced that Age of Conan: Unchained will join the Aeria Ignite F2P gaming portal just in time to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Several in-game events will take place to mark the game's launch at Aeria Ignite."



  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryPosts: 7,344Member Uncommon
    They also offer an Aeria exclusive server. I'm not sure if you can only play on the Aeria server or not though.
  • Dren_UtogiDren_Utogi OuterSpacePosts: 1,771Member Uncommon
    Im wondering if the server merge was to give Aeria two servers ?

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