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derewrewewderewrewew china beijing, COPosts: 2Member

I was talking with teammates, received three one minute advertisement, are selling gold,You too do?


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  • NilenyaNilenya TMIPosts: 364Member Uncommon
    What a genius you are. 
  • derewrewewderewrewew china beijing, COPosts: 2Member
    What do you mean?
  • MMOredfalconMMOredfalcon Mitchell, ONPosts: 165Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by derewrewew
    What do you mean?

    Advertizing your gold site in the form of an actual topic post...then playing stupid about 

  • SoliloquySoliloquy Somerville, MAPosts: 128Member Common
    Please do not link gold selling sites in your posts.
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