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[Column] General: Five of the Most Unappreciated MMOs



  • HarikenHariken Brighton, MAPosts: 1,512Member Uncommon

    I'VE played all those games. Most of them i thought were just ok. But it proves that we all have different taste. To me the only mmo out there right now that's worth subbing to is Champions online. I know most of you think i'm mad but let me tell you why.

    The Character creation is the most epic in any game out there. You don't just pick the cookie cutter class, you make up your own and you can go wild with it. You chose what trait,stats and powers you want and the choice's  are over whelming . You could spend hours doing this.

    The nemesis system  every super hero has one and you create your own. Talk about role playing. You can give them and your self a back story on why your nemesis hates you. You could spend the same amount of time creating your nemesis as it took you to create your character. You give them stats,traits and powers too. And you pick what kinds of henchman they have too.

    No game out there offers this for the money. And the game has a great sense of humor too. And the costume choices are amazing. There are so many its crazy fun just doing that. If you want to be a duel welding blade master that turns completely on fire putting out fire damage with swords you can do it. And it will look bad ass.

    And if you change you mind about what you made go back and change it or make something new. Champions online gets no respect  and it should. The people that play it are some of the best in any game. Because they are probably older.  Anyways that's my pick for under rated game. We all have different taste.

  • ClassicstarClassicstar rotjeknorPosts: 2,687Member Uncommon

    Ryzom and other sandbox games that went similar route almost die or hanging on thread are dying breed.

    Gamers these days want fast easy spoonfed uberness with awesome shiny armors.

    If the kill 5x boars was so hated WHY THIS CONCEPT in almost all new mmo's?

    Do you realy think that there still gamers out there buying game like ryzom and wanne work hard to figure game out?

    Or even more hardcore step into game and find out everything themselfs don't go over net seek wiki's-guides walkthroughs cheats or whatever that give them that advantage?

    No my fellow gamers those times are long gone only a few maybe 1% wanne play hardcore and i dont mean grind dungeon for hours on end for those expix sets hehe.

    I play skyrim on immersive extreme mode requim no ui no map no fast travel with mods that make the game for 99% a living hell lol.

    Buts thats reality and few still like hardcore like this and some want instant cookies or they cry:)

    This is how i think games should be played, but thats offcorse not for all i realise that.

    Hope to build full AMD system RYZEN/VEGA/AM4!!!

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  • RaquisRaquis hartenbosPosts: 637Member Uncommon

    secret world is the perfect example where the developers thought mmo players don't care about gameplay and combat .the story the quests and the combat must be great . 

    they thought shit gameplay didn't matter well screw you secret world horrible gameplay,the combat is the worst I will not play till you fix that and you cant.

  • RaquisRaquis hartenbosPosts: 637Member Uncommon
    maybe its this idiots most anticipated games not mine,please.old shit games
  • PWN_FACEPWN_FACE SeoulPosts: 670Member
    Originally posted by rwyan
      TSW is a themepark through and through.  Different in many ways, but still very themeparkish.  Problem is that it relies on a very standard end-game model (grind the same dungeons over and over to get better and better gear).  Up front, you get some wonderfully told/presented storylines and get dumped into a hamster wheel at the end (which only appeals to a very niche crowd of an already very niche game).  The end-game really needs to open up in a number of ways (provide a variety of fun, compelling activities that still allow players to advance characters), hopefully scenarios will be the start of that.  I myself go back from time to time to play through the new missions and run an instance or two.

    I absolutely agree with this. I still play TSW, maybe once a or twice a week, because it has a certain feeling and mood you just can't get anywhere else. The combat doesn't really bother me (as far as "action" combat, dodging, etc. I much prefer GW2's version). I really like the skill wheel and the stories. 


    However, that endgame "treadmill" is something that gives me pause. I would like if there were other things to do. I don't find pvp that rewarding and the queue times (when I play, at least) are rather long.

  • TacBoyTacBoy Minneapolis, MNPosts: 142Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Demalis
    Originally posted by BillMurphy
    Originally posted by apocoluster
    What?!?! No Hello Kitty Online?

    That's #6.

    Lies there is no #6...

    Spoilers... #6 is #1.

  • Pr0tag0ni5tPr0tag0ni5t Lincoln, ILPosts: 220Member Uncommon
    4 of the 5 are simply the best games on the market (minus Wakfu). Easily in my top 10 mmos of all time. Great article, nice read. Thank you!

  • Ender4Ender4 milwaukee, WIPosts: 2,247Member Uncommon

    This thread just reinforces that Rift shoudl be on the over appreciated list. That game is average at absolute best and is almost certainly a below average MMORPG. It had a couple good ideas but the execution is flawed in almost every way. I played it at release and told my buddy I'd come join him in a year when it went FTP. I wasn't completely correct as it took them way too long to realize they had failed and went FTP after a little under 2 years. Unfortunately when I was proven correct I couldn't join him because him and all of his friends had quit 2 months in along with 90% of the people who tried it.

  • DrakephireDrakephire Fontana, CAPosts: 451Member Uncommon

    So here's my candidate for must unappreciated MMO (not that many will care):  WWII Online.

    The graphics are a bit dated, but the PvP is by far the best I've ever played. It has authentic armor modelling on tanks, realistic ballistics, historic flight profiling for each plane.  There are tanks, planes, warships, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns, bombers, transport vehicles.  Infantry can choose from many different load-outs from rifle to smg to rpg, etc.

    Then there is the tactical and strategic game play.  On the tactical level you have players organizing groups to take spawn points which in turn take cities which in turn feed into the strategic portion of the game where each conquored city advances the battle lines forward.  Strategic decisions are made by real player commanders who are elected for each campaign.

    Commanders can move supplies around the map in the form of brigades. 


    It's super complex.  I've seen players in the forums who professed to be MLG PvPers in RPGs leave this game crying because they couldn't compete with the elite PvPers in this game.  I myself was only ever average (to slightly above average tanker), but still had obsessive fun with this game.

  • manio22manio22 IrakleionPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    Rift all the way. Amazing themepark, continual support and you literally have a tons of stuff to do in game. You are never bored. Was playing it when it had monthly fee i still play it now that is F2P (one of the best transactions in history of MMOs imo, they just added a store with fluffy stuff and didn't cut out ANY content for the F2Players ) .

    Oh and Defiance keeps improving . My thumps up to TRION.

    I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it

  • pookirpookir KhersonPosts: 72Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Reehay
    Vanguard Saga of Heroes !!!! i hated on this game but my friend convinced me to try it again and omfg I am in LOVE. HUGE open world... a fantastic sense of exploration. AWESOME dungeons and great group dynamics that makes it feel like classic Everquest. And let me tell you... the population is very healthy. My first month into the game and I get a PUG group every single damn night. Either that or I end up duo'ing with some random players. Very excited about my upcoming time in Vanguard. I just bought 6 month subscription for 8$ a fukin month.. awesome deal. take my GW2 account, please

    Give ur acc to me XD

  • XanitraXanitra MOLDEPosts: 26Member
    Originally posted by grimgryphon
    You lost me at Rift & TSW, which are terrible IMO.

    ahahaha, totally agree.

  • LeviathonlxLeviathonlx Cleveland, OHPosts: 135Member
    If Rift gave me a non human race to play then they'd pull me in. But that's a major notch against a game for me when my only options are different colored humans (especially in a fantasy MMO). But alas I'm left with GW2 and WoW if I want a game that actually adds non human races (and moreso GW2 if I want said races to actually get lore)
  • ziabatsuziabatsu Denver, COPosts: 101Member Uncommon
    The only good game on here is Secret World. The rest of the shit is dated/clunky or cash shop. Get over it. I'd have liked secret world better if the free player base hadn't fucked the game in the ass, along with the paid shit.
  • someforumguysomeforumguy HomePosts: 3,701Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Psion33
    Originally posted by jdlamson75
    I never got too far in FE, but in the few months that I played, I had a damn blast.


    I played up until the point I got 2 shotted by someone as I was crafting and lost everything. Uninstalled faster then you can make me a sammich. :)

    FE doesn't have FFA pvp, so I wonder how you were able to do that? Did you enable the pvp flag? And you lost what exactly? PVP in FE is not lootbased. I suspect that you have a different game in mind.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon

    Will not add anything to games I have not played or do not care at all Ryzom: have vague memory after installed but did not like.

    Fallen Earth: agree with you, great feeling of after doom. But .... I just can not adapt to that system of recicle targeting, incredibly slow and cumbersome. Constantly switching between modes. Installed again exactly few days ago to try again and love it but combat. Not sure about when left, but now at least I can move avatar with mouse.

    Rift: loved a lot original and got 2 alts to max. Left when I had simply enough of that ANNYOING invasions all over the world. When not a loooot of players constantly present they expand, increase in strength, number of mobs, .... and gameplay become impossible. Could happen I was not able to play for week!! At any time at evening or night I returned from job quest hubs where I had my alts were place of war, any quest giver npc AND player was killed in secs after respawning. Left for good. Returned with expansion. Left after few days for another reason. As I remember when I left NORMAL mobs in new areas of lv. 50 have 2 or 3 times HP then ELITE(!) mobs of SAME level 50 in OLD world. It takes eternity to kill trivial mobs. And then they respawn fast. Not sure how not so many complain about this on forums. This was single reason I quit or at least make up for 95% for my decision to leave after a week of gameplay. I can not accept this cheap way to extend game play time and spend silly amount of time on trivial mobs.

    TSW: In many ways great and innovative game, something new. I do not love games where I must spend hours to understand how to finish some quest, but nobody is forced doing that kind of quests. And they are great addition for those that love this kind of quests. Great feeling of “the day after”. But release was plagued maybe even more as Aoc by annoying bugs. Support suggested to “install W7” and explicitly(!) 64-bit version. Wow, they did not mention this on game box I have purchased. But wanted so badly to play so decided - but have planned for some time - to buy W7 64 bit .... and I was not sorry at all. Any other game working much much better in this environment and indeed 80-90% of problems with TSW were gone with 64 installation. But what made me to stop playing was when discovered players are doomed with that silly 7 active buttons limit. That spells - obviously as it can not be in any different way - BUTTON MASHING. And I’m done with button mashers for at least 15 years since I switched from console games to PC.

  • ChaaKChaaK hehePosts: 39Member

    Currently trying to level up in Rift, it's a daily pain. So much lacking soul, so many uninteresting quests. Level 36, I think I'm about to drop it.


    And I hate TSW gameplay, combats are so awful.


    Leveling on LOTRO, having load of fun, but it's still a little bit too slow to my taste. And static. Oh soo static. I see you keep talking about Conan. How is it olding up today? Vanguard?

  • HighttowerHighttower Alamogordo, NMPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    The subject is most unappreciated MMO......I would like to include SOE's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Funcom's Anarchy Online. Both games are still active and now F2P. It's unfortunate that a lot of people turned their backs after a troublesome launch and didn't dig deep(stick it out) enough to see the gem of a game they are. 

  • drtack1drtack1 jacksonville, FLPosts: 272Member Uncommon

    I beleive this is one of the best write ups I have read on mmorpg ever! Cheer mate!

    I also completely agree with TSW and Rift.

    As for the other games mentioned I will be checking them out this week for myself since you nailed it on TSW and Rift!

    Thanks for this write up!

  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 3,090Member Rare

    Let's not forget Wurm Online, it's minecraft on steroids and another mmo that has the jump on EQN so called landmark.


    Both Ryzom Ring and Wurm Online have been doing it for a while.




  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIPosts: 3,483Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by erictlewis
    Fallen earth deserves to be number 1,  the reason is simple.  They had a great plan during beta.  It all fell apart.  From simple mechanics like swimming in the water, to this day you still cant go in the water.  We had anticipated area 141 by now, but no I gave up way beck during the 2nd combat upgrade.  Combat changes have been a disaster to this game.   They might still have a small following. I think its been a year since I last logged into Fallen earth. Great idea's bad dev's and Gamers First, yes that really put the final nail in the coffin for me. I have to ask why swtor did not make this list.   

    I think you are confusing the words "unappreciated"" and "underwhelming".

    Played: AA, AC1, AC2, Aion, AO, AoC, CO, CoX, DAoC, DCUO, DN, EVE, EQ1, EQ2,
    ESO, FE, FFXI, FFXIV, FF, GW1, GW2, Istaria, L2, LoTRO, MO, MxO, NW, Rift, RoE,
    Ryzom, SB, SWG, SWTOR, TERA, TSW, WAR, WoW, WURM...

  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon
    Not bad "games".  Yet, every single one of them lacks a certain "something" that keeps me from playing.  I don't know what it is exactly but while each game on the list has potential I never find myself wanting to play them.  Yet I can't pull myself away from FFXIV, WoW, or Lotro for very long at all.
  • syriinxsyriinx New York, NYPosts: 1,383Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Leviathonlx
    If Rift gave me a non human race to play then they'd pull me in. But that's a major notch against a game for me when my only options are different colored humans (especially in a fantasy MMO). But alas I'm left with GW2 and WoW if I want a game that actually adds non human races (and moreso GW2 if I want said races to actually get lore)    

    Dont forget EQ2, best racial variety in the genre

  • AeanderAeander Walker, LAPosts: 1,188Member Rare

    I really want to love TSW. Its story and characters are some of the most interesting I've seen in any game and it has a good range of quests.



    Unfortunately, its combat feels lackluster, the enemy design is often atrocious, and the skins are some of the worst I've seen. Finding awesome skins for your character can be a pain in the ass, especially if you're not an Illuminati. 


    That and it has quite possibly the worst PvP I have ever seen. It's conceptually good, but its emphasis on gear coupled with the small PvP community and uneven sides makes it straight up bad. It's not uncommon to see one faction have almost permanent control of their server's pvp maps.

  • DragimDragim Boring, KSPosts: 867Member Uncommon

    Fallen Earth had great ideas, just poorly executed.

    I beta-d it for several months and had a lot of fun, but it lacked any "multi-player" experience.  All missions or whatever you want to call them were easily soloable, there was ZERO reason to group with anyone.

    The crafting was cool enough, and all the various "factions" definitely spiced it up.

    It just lacked players, better execution, and party type adventures.  However, it was awesome, just lacked a few important features.

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

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