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Getting "the feels" again for this game. But I'm wary...

Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

Greetings, programs!

I'm a FFXI vet; started playing at launch and played on and off (mostly on) for over 7 years before they started making changes I didn't agree with and slowed down my playing. Abyssea, and the way it totally changed the way people play the game (hence, making it harder for me to enjoy it as I had been and wished to continue), turned me off completely to it.

I tried going back a couple times, avoiding Abyssea in the process (which it seems is necessary for the gear.. unless there's equivalent gear you can obtain outside of it), but found it to be a lonely endeavor. Community is important to me in a MMO, and my love of FFXI was very much due to the high amount of interaction I had with other players. So, now that everyone's moved way on ahead and I'm stuck way behind, I'm not sure there's much of that interaction to be had for someone who isn't at cap.

One thing I noticed my last time back, is that the general attitude of many (most?) players hasn't changed in XI - one of the ugly parts of the game as I remember...

Unless there's something in it for them, most people are completely unwilling to help others out - even those who'd helped them in the past (that happened to me plenty). It used to be that they'd simply make excuses to avoid it. Now, though, it seems to be that, when asked to help with different content, people are just told "hit 99 and then solo it". Thing is, I don't want to race to 99 (you can see my view on leveling in my sig). I don't want to *solo* the content when it's become so easy that it can be. I'd like to experience the content at the level it was intended, as the challenge it was intended to be. Unless there are people out there who enjoy going back to do that earlier level content at the intended job level(s), then it looks like I'm SOL on that.

The dominant opinion I'm seeing about XI now is that the Adoulin expansion didn't really do much to improve the game, and seems to have introduced new things that have players even more aggravated. The biggest complaint I've seen is how SE is implementing new gear that utterly blows away gear that players had just spent a lot of time grinding out to get. The "outsider's impression" that I'm getting is that SE has been trying to shoe-horn a more "casual, modern, mainstream, themepark" playstyle into XI - a game that spent most of its life being decidedly *un-mainstream* and *un-casual*, and aren't quite sure how to do it. So what they're ending up with is a very oil and water like mixture of the two. Again, that's my "outsider's impression", based on the arguments and counter-arguments I've seen.

So, I guess at this point what I'm wondering is - for someone who played the game almost religiously for over 7 years and continue to consider it the single best MMO they've personally ever played (when it was at its best, IMO), but felt that SE had begun to lose the plot sometime after WoTG, and then lost it completely with Abyssea - is there anything that SE has done since that might enable me to at least experience some of the awesome stuff I'd done back then? Now that the "rush to 99" thing is (presumably) not front and center in people's attention, are people a bit more willing to go back and do older content at its intended challenge level, just for the fun of it - or to help someone out?

Or is it time I put a bullet in the head of this ailing old dog and just move on completely?

This is an honest post and I'm asking a sincere question. No attempt to bash or troll the game at all. I'd love to come back to XI and "live" in Vana'diel again.. I just want to know how much of it is left for me to come back to.


Edit: I really need to let the coffee kick in before typing up a post lol.


  • PWN_FACEPWN_FACE SeoulPosts: 670Member

    I have never played FFXI, mind you, but after reading your post, I could identify with some of what you are saying. What I have learned, and what you probably already know, is that you can never go back.


    You can never go back home. You can never go back in time. The way it was is over. It's time to take up your bag and wander. It is the pathless way. When you find your game again, you will know it. 




  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 854Member Uncommon

    PWN_FACE is dead on right.


    And awesome link too!

  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

    So, I should take that as "no, there's really nothing in FFXI anymore for you at this point"?

    I mean, that's kind of the conclusion I'd come to on my own in my times attempting to go back.

    But, sometimes something like even a partial shift in the focus of players, or something like that, could make all the difference.

    After all, it wasn't the content of Abyssea itself that caused XI to change so drastically. All that other content was/is still there. It was more the players' reaction to Abyssea and how they changed their playstyle completely to take advantage of it (PL'ing from 30, etc).

    Even the presence of a small sub-community within the game that enjoys playing it more the old-school way could make all the difference.

    So, one could also say, "not likely, but never say never".

  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

    So, after thinking it over, I'm going back to XI.

    Some friends of mine are still playing, and seem to have basically the same approach as me - much more into the story and exploring and enjoying the journey; not in a hurry to get to the end.

    I have a list of things I want/need to complete, and so I'll have plenty to keep me busy before I even have to begin to think about Adoulin, etc.


  • StandadeezyStandadeezy Baltimore, MDPosts: 23Member
    which server do you play on?
  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Standadeezy
    which server do you play on?

    My server is Asura. Though, I'm not playing at the moment. Real Life's been trolling me a lot lately, and it's been difficult to spend any amount of time on anything, really.

    Not sure about the changes upcoming in the game either. I'm not a fan of SE's 'cross-marketing' efforts lately (promoting DQ and FFXIV in XI, promoting XIII in XIV, etc, etc). Vana'diel is vast, deep and interesting self-contained world. Using it as a marketing platform for their other games only cheapens it, IMO. But... that's what they're doing. So... I dunno.

    I think SE's given up any hope of trying to pull it back together with XI, after the damage done to the game overall with Abyssea (which they admitted themselves). Ya can't put a cat that large back in the bag because you realize it was a mistake letting it out in the first place. Seems they've decided to just go in a completely different direction with the game altogether.

    Will update when ever something new comes up.

  • NeptusNeptus Macon, MOPosts: 988Member Uncommon

    I'm on Asura and was thinking of coming back to see how the game has changed since I left in 08.
    I want it to be like old times but I know for a fact my linkshell is gone, any friends I had are probably gone.... But, I want to see my character again. I put so much damn work into that elvaan.

    If you get on let me know, I think I'm going to piss away 15 dollars for a one day look around lol.

    Neptus - FFXI - Pandemonium
    Neptus - WoW - Detheroc

  • DfixDfix Clark MIlls, NYPosts: 238Member Uncommon

    Now is probably the best time to come back and play. No real need for most abyssea gear outside of macro pieces now. All the new armor and weapons are pretty easy to get. They have introduced new upgraded AF and new hard mode Ark Angel fights. There is also supposed to be new relic gear upgrades coming and even Empy upgrades down the road. The new FATE system is pretty cool too, though Tenzen won't do Cosmic Elucidation :( 

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