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I can't remember the name of this game!

uruku9uruku9 st paul, MNPosts: 2Member

It is, or was, a 2D side scrolling action-type game similar to Streets of Rage, Battletoads, something like that. It was released within the last few years, had a dark anime style to it, nice 2D graphics, and it was free. This is all as far as I remember. 

Do you know what I'm talking about? Any suggestions are welcome. I can't remember the name, and after not being able to find it with google searches, I'm here.

Edited to add; it is multiplayer, up to 4 players I think.


  • JuzaaJuzaa TamperePosts: 24Member Uncommon
    All I can think is Rusty hearts, but it isn't really 2d or even really sidescroller... Did you check youtube? Seems to be lots of 'em in there.
  • uruku9uruku9 st paul, MNPosts: 2Member
    Yeah Im pretty sure thats it. I played it once, seems I didnt remember it very well. 
  • demonulALEXdemonulALEX bucurestyPosts: 2Member
    rusty hearts changed a lot lately so i think its worth a shot ill try it too:P

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