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WildStar: Major Features Updated



  • ZeGermanZeGerman Andover, MAPosts: 209Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tordurbar
    Originally posted by SoMuchMass
    Originally posted by Siphaed
    So.....basically they take an idea LOVED by players from Guild Wars 2 and adapt it to replace their otherwise archaic system?   Are we supposed to applaud or something?   Honestly, this was something of an "oh duh!" thing they should have done from the beginning.

    Big difference is that now that feature will be in a hopefully good game, instead of a mediocre flop.

    Not sure how I feel about open mob tagging yet, to me it encourages zerg gameplay instead of actual teamwork.  With open tagging there is also less communication between players.  With no open tagging players have to talk to each other and want to form groups.  I have formed so many groups with players when we were both on the same quest.  And we talked to each other instead of randomly zerging mobs.

    Love the fact this game has multiple specs at launch.  Awesome.


    Completely disagree. Open tagging encourages player interaction. Someone just helped you - maybe they want to group? Personally I have had much more player contact playing open tagging games then the "do your own thing" games. 

    I get what somuchmass is saying but the problem is those days of MMORPGs are over, yes in the early wow and everquest era you really did form spontaneous groups trying to beat content, but MMO's have become so solo friendly these days that it just doesnt happen anymore, the mentality of the player base is that if have to be able to do it without a party and thus the only way to encourage cooperative play is with something like open tagging.


    This is not about the ideal solution its about fixing a problem inherent to the modern mmo community.  I would love to see people go back to the older philosophies that made MMO's more challenging and multiplayer centric but i don't see it happening with the modern community, too much of a dammage for solo and grind content.

  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 818Member Uncommon

    "By making what you've unlocked much clearer, leveling up feels much more like a celebration, and less like a paralyzing choice of what to do or where to go next."


    is this really where we've come as MMO gamers? where the new crowd literally gets anxiety from leveling up? no wonder things are designed the way they are today...

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