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[Editorial] Guild Wars 2: A Guild Wars 2 Expansion Wish List



  • neurojameneurojame Bloomington, INPosts: 26Member

    A few things I'd like to see...

    1. Areas near water in WvW in which you could pan for a unique crafting material only when your server owned that area. You could also set up sluice boxes, azuran mining equipment etc. When you take it over from another server you would destroy their mining operation.

    2. Bar fights please- Breaking furniture over each others heads and jabbing each other with broken bottles. Now that would be a real norn mini-game.

    3. Results of battles changing the environment- I agree with the article on this one. If you can't destroy the dragon let it fly over and torch a town. Now you have to put out the fires, rebuild the city and defend it from bandit looters. Now those would be some consequences! 

  • tsaweeostsaweeos adventure landPosts: 3Member

    Personal wishlist:

    1.) To be able to play the expansion's "personal story" without the need to hit level requirements. I really disliked this about the original. It felt like some sort of cheap excuse to beef out the game to make it feel longer, as if there's some sort of un-official rule to MMO's where if you can beat a game in under a month, it's not a worthy MMO. Plus it hinders re-playability.
    2.) A PvP/GvG game mode that utilizes a "glide" feature.
    Just imagine players in guilds pooling their gold together to buy and upgrade air-ships and upon entering said mode, every character is equipped with an Azuran back piece that can morph into a glider when descending.
    Guild leaders could steer ships, engineers can do repairs, a team of players could man the cannons and an assault team could take the fight to the enemy by jumping off the deck of the ship, swoop over to an enemy ship and take out the gunners so your guild won't have to worry about taking heavy fire. Alternatively there could be bases alongside mountain tops that ships could hide behind and engineers could fly over to pick up resourses needed to repair their ship.
    The glide feature could also have a "Dive" attack which shakes players off whatever they are mounted to (cannons) upon crashing onto ground. This could work by aiming your mouse straight down which would cause your character to dive (much like how aiming your mouse straight down when swimming on the water's surface will cause your avatar to dive under water).
    If Anet ever makes the Tengu a playable class this "glide" feature could also be a unique trait (since they're of avian race) so they wouldn't need the back-piece in said game mode. It would be even better if they added this in pve. Just imagine climbing a tall mountain and swooping across the map (dat scenery) to reach a vista or to simply save your silver.

    3.) I never gave this much thought until now (and am too lazy to double check in-game) but I'm pretty sure you can't see the major locations such as Divinity's Reach, Mount Maelstrom or the Black Citadel in the skybox of near by locations (maps). All you see is mountains and thick fog. GW2 needs an improved skybox that gives you a better sense of place in the world. Whatever world/area Anet creates in their expansion, I hope they keep this in mind as it's very immersive. It makes a new player think "I want to go there" .

  • XiaokiXiaoki White Pigeon, MIPosts: 2,793Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by khamul787
    This thread is kinda funny. The point is what you want added in an expansion, not "how would you change the core philosophy of the game and make it completely different from what it is."
    Yeah, ArenaNet has already changed the core philosophy of the game enough already.

    More permanent open world content and no more instanced temporary content.

    Guild Wars 2 was supposed to be about a changing and dynamic world but there is very little of that.

  • VutarVutar S. KoreaPosts: 859Member Uncommon
    Did the guy who wrote this column actually just say "there is no denying it's staying power" when referring to GW2? Was this column meant as some sort of comedy or is this guy serious?
  • EvokerzEvokerz SingaporePosts: 36Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vutar
    Did the guy who wrote this column actually just say "there is no denying it's staying power" when referring to GW2? Was this column meant as some sort of comedy or is this guy serious?

    Yes, this guy is serious.

    There is no dening that after 1 year and similarly comparing with other MMO on how they went (e.g: SWTOR, TSW, TERA, RIFT, etc), the number of server still remain the same, regular game update schedule still remain on time, no major shake-up on the studio and there are still ton of ppls playing it right now.

    Also the same ton of troll still trying to criticize the game and the same ton of white knight still zealously defending the game.

  • KhinRuniteKhinRunite ManilaPosts: 879Member
    Originally posted by Vutar
    Did the guy who wrote this column actually just say "there is no denying it's staying power" when referring to GW2? Was this column meant as some sort of comedy or is this guy serious?

    What's your basis for thinking otherwise? Because you and a handful of people you know quit the game already?

  • EvokerzEvokerz SingaporePosts: 36Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Leviathonlx
    Originally posted by rodingo
    Originally posted by Rockniss
    Trinity to enhance pve, 5 total factions, and real open world pve.

    Trinity dumbs down PVE.  No thanx.  I'm sure you can find hundreds of MMOs that already follow that tired mechanic though.


    How exactly does it dumb down PvE to have a trinity? That makes absolutely  zero sense. Unless you mean to tell me encounters in GW2 match what occurs in encounters in say Siege of Orgrimmar. Nothing about what GW2 did revolutionized PvE unless zerg DPS fests are what you were looking for. GW2 needs something to spice up the PvE right now and some kind of trinity might help with that.


    GW2 zerg DPS fests coz of no trinity? really? Look no further to the newest shiniest game on the block which is FFXIV: ARR, that trinity game also full of zerg DPS fests on its PvE event, not so much different than GW2 eh.


    With trinity, as long the tank using his taunt skill, all the game bosses could do is really predictable and boring. Totally no element of unpredictability and "oh shit!" moment which require you to be aware of your surrounding.

    Also, when you forming a grp for dungeon on GW2 it takes less than 5 min to complete whereas on FF14 it will take minimum 30min to form a grp.

    For sure I pay the game to play NOT to pay to wait to play the game.

  • almalexiusalmalexius BredaPosts: 180Member Uncommon
    Doesn't this game need something more to do especially at 80? The economy isn't great. Basically this game needs more ways in which the chars can be customized to make it your own. It all seems so dull.

    WOW,eq2,Vanguard,WAR,LOTRO,AOC,Rift Aion, SWTOR, TERA.

    Currently playing GW2.

  • Nicco77Nicco77 gePosts: 145Member Uncommon

    We will never see mounts in GW2,the regions are small and only going by foot make the players feel them large.

    The lack of trinity cover the problems with game desing,so they will bring in game some sort of trinity when the game mechanics will be fixed.

    No new class because the starting one are already a mix of the class in GW1,and "less class less things to balance"

    From a new GW2 expansion expect:

    more legendaries to farm

    a increased level cap that bring new gear to get and money to spend in trasmutation stone

    new achievements

    a raised price of gems

    maybe a new race but no new weapons

    new zones where goin to farm mobs 24/24

  • RavenwolfieRavenwolfie Minneapolis, MNPosts: 46Member

    For my money I would be thrilled with the return of Ritualists, Polymock, and some new zones, perhaps Cantha. I would like the game world to let us all know in detail what happened to the factions and maybe build on that and the other storylines that would become available with Cantha reopened.


  • AeanderAeander Walker, LAPosts: 1,187Member Rare
    Originally posted by Vivasvan
    Trinity held back the genre for years? Trinity dumbs down PvE????

    What planet are you on? Do you even know the MMO genre or know what your talking about?

    The DPS fest that GW2 is dumbs down the genre. Easy button bash tag a boss Zerg it down. No skills needed what so ever.

    That is why nobody can coordinate to kill the new mob boss and that is not even a proper raid.

    JeeeZ I wish these people would just leave the MMO genre / market and go play something else. Please do it.


    The MMO genre has always been mediocre at best in terms of gameplay. Guild Wars 2 hasn't "dumbed down" anything because there was nothing of any particular quality to dumb down. Going through the same mindless dps rotation while one person tanks for you and another fixes your mistakes by doing the healing for you is NOT deep or interesting combat any more than the mindless dps that often characterizes Guild Wars 2 battles is.


    Also, the reason why players are having difficulty coordinating for the new Tequatl is the poorly-designed overflow system. It has NOTHING to do with the presence of a trinity or the lack of a trinity.







    Back to the article at hand. We won't see the Jade Sea. It has melted. We won't see mounts, except as possible aesthetic items, because their function is redundant with a world that already has map travel.


    Tengu are a pretty much guaranteed addition because of their history with the series and the amount of work that had already been put into them. They were planned to be the 6th race on launch, but were not added for time reasons.


    Kodan are more unlikely, as they are rather redundant with the Norn (though they are what the Norn SHOULD have been, IMO). They also suffer from a small population in comparison to other races (even other minor races).


    I'd say Largos are a more likely entry than Kodan. They fill a unique racial slot that isn't satisfied by another race and there are no known current lore reasons that would exclude them. The Kodan are near-extinct, Skritt are pants-on-head retarded without large numbers of other Skritt around, etc. Most of the other races are minor for a reason, but the Tengu and the Largos are only known to be minor because of their neutrality. 

  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Posts: 619Member Uncommon

    Why do people ask for trinity in GW2?

    It's like go to a Mc Donalds and ask for pizza, It will never happend just the idiotic question itself is laughable and still people do it, It's beyond normal reasoning.

  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Posts: 2,243Member Uncommon

    My wish:

    Complete overhaul of WvW. Anti zerg features.Warfare that's meaningful(not a 15 minute pvp game expanded to 1 week)

  • stevebombsquadstevebombsquad Orlando, FLPosts: 880Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Maurgrim
    Why do people ask for trinity in GW2? It's like go to a Mc Donalds and ask for pizza, It will never happend just the idiotic question itself is laughable and still people do it, It's beyond normal reasoning.

    Mcdonalds used to sell pizza...

    James T. Kirk: All she's got isn't good enough! What else ya got?

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