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If you could build your own MMORPG.....



  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom NottinghamPosts: 273Member

    Anarchy Onlines (vanilla launch) Skill Based progression would feature heavily

    EQ2's crafting system (vanilla launch) with its inter-professional dependencies


  • tupodawg999tupodawg999 LondonPosts: 724Member Uncommon

    - seasons (say one real week per game month so on a twelve-week cycle)

    - day/night cycle (skewed to the day part so say 50 minutes game day and 10 minutes of game night per real hour)


    And for elements in the game to change accordingly and not just graphics e.g. some mobs, quests, gathered items etc vary over the day / night and game year cycles.

    So even though the game content is static the way it is rotated through the seasons makes the world feel dynamic.

  • Univers0Univers0 SydneyPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    For an unconventional, if impractical, design I would suggest races which are based off egyptian, roman, eastern mythologies - as three realms.  Yes, an rvr game. The classes abilities would control gravity, light/darkness, environment, and perhaps travel through time.  Like EQ Next not only is the environment repairable and destructible, every fundamental game constant can be controlled by players.   Players can also create super allies - such as deities, through massive public quests and they can be summoned during city sieges. 
  • Curiosity1599Curiosity1599 norfolk, VAPosts: 2Member

    I have read all the replies and here are all my favorites and my own ideas. I prefer a rough medieval style with no magic. Take Stronghold2 where you can build everything and make it a first person player game like Oblivion and then make all players be able to interact like Sims,...

    1. a. I want to be able to explore an open world, from a central spawn point or from a spawn point placed by another player. You should be able to run away and hide from the more advanced players in the vast world and start a whole new kingdom in a land which you have discovered and settled yourself.  

         b. player enters NPC mode when you are away to continue working or whatever and you can direct any peasant you turn into an NPC first hand. NPC`s can be assigned roles and lead troops and workers or control yours settlements while you are gone. NPC HEROES are any abandoned NPC`s that the computer controls. They dont reproduce, they dont create NPC`s, they dont upgrade or build too much (just repair minimal fortifications), and you can conquer them for their mini empire like they are another player.

    2. I would like it if all the characters started out young and aged and died and had no level restrictions, just skill and strength restrictions maybe due to age,... but you can like get stronger when you are older by working your whole life. I mean anyone can grab a sword and try to fight with it.

    3. I want to be able to get NPC peasants and characters that can hunt, farm, cut wood, and perform normal tasks like you when you start, and you can set a stock pile and build a hut for a keep and start a village that spawns a few people  in it that can breed and multiply. everyone works, and eats, and sleeps, and gets happy when they get plenty of everything, but discontent when they don`t so that they leave you and wander towards happier settlements. (Cleanliness, amount and variety of food, workload, housing, taxes, religion, education, etc. affect their happiness.)

    4. Your character should be harder to actually kill, (generally gets gravely wounded) but capable of death by say a player or NPC hero executing them. Then you either take over one of your NPC characters you have employed in a position of power so that they have stats and skills due to training and schooling or start over. Your friends could be added to your family by request and you and they could just become each other`s kids or spouses or any one else in their kingdom when you spawn. 

    5. You, peasants, and NPC`s should be able to attend any school, work any farm, and join any army you tell them to to become soldiers, but their loyalties change if they stay in other ranks, lolz.. (at schools they learn different crafts ans skills to become whatever you want them to be)

    6. All armor, weapons, tools, clothes, etc. must be manufactured in game but you can buy some awesome stuff from the game market as a cheat to help you along if you can afford it, but all items could be made in game. All items can be destroyed, looted, lost, stashed and found, etc. 

    7. You should be able to build a workshop and construct siege engines, boats, castle gates, carts, and any other moving objects and blueprint them. Likewise the tailors` and smiths` designs should be alterable to your whim so you can create new styles.

    8. There should be weather and different world regions that have different climates and resources that you can use or harvest. 

    9. No portals or quick travel just horses, wagons, coaches, chariots, boats, ships, etc to increase speed.

    Mainly I want a more realistic gaming style that is more natural. Game time can be sped up a bit and maybe pregnancies and early growth should happen in even faster game time, but thats all. 


    Thanks for reading, 

  • RoguewizRoguewiz The Lone Star StatePosts: 635Member Uncommon

    To explain what I want, I'd just list features from games.

    1. DAoC PVP
    2. Shadowbane Sieges
    3. Shadowbane City Building
    4. Everquest Next Landmark (tentative) "building" system
    5. Champions character creation (best on the market IMO...out of the games I've played)
    6. FFXIV Crafting (but with more recipes)
    7. Mounted/Vehicle combat (ground, sea, air)
    8. Secret World puzzles!
    9. Musician system (whatever it was called) from Mabanogi
    10. Non-combat/crafting classes
      1. Speaking of clases, support classes.  IE, something that is combat, but not: DPS, Tank, Heal
    11. While we're on the subject of "classes", we either need a system closer to being true "skill" based in the sense that you can choose almost whatever you want for your character, OR something akin to 3rd Ed Multi-classing.
    12. Dynamic content...basically, dungeons that adjust depending on the size and makeup of the party.
    13. Robust Story
    14. *** Questing, if even in game, that is meaningful beyond the: Kill, Collect, or Escort that we love to see.

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