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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Notice of Shutdown Posted



  • ComafComaf Chicago, ILPosts: 1,150Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by troublmaker
    Originally posted by Rohn
    EA/Bioware/Mythic should be ashamed of themselves. The game had its problems, but they gave up on it, and its playerbase, far too soon.  The majority of games that have come out over the last several years have had problems.  The difference here is that the other game companies have put legitimate effort into improving those games, while EA and Mythic decided to pull the plug on real support after about a year. The RvR in WAR was actually a lot of fun, and the game could have been improved and salvaged. Shame on Mythic.

    You actually have it backwards.  It's not the developers who abandoned the game, it was the players who abandoned the game.

    Mythic bought a five-year license with Game's Workshop to make games from their Warhammer universe.  None of those games worked out.

    Warhammer Online was launched in 2008 and since then has shrunk to under 50,000 subs.

    How could Mythic think about purchasing an expensive license again if the player base it just not there to support it?  These are similar cries to why Star Wars Galaxies failed.  Had there been a giant player base there they would have ran SWG and SWTOR simultaneously.... but there wasn't.

    Build a turd and players will leave in droves.  Warhammer was NEVER the game to invest in.  It has been and always will (in regards to Mythic) Dark Age of Camelot.


    This game (Daoc) has yet to be imitated.  It raised the bar so high in the industry that no one touched the concept of 3 truly unique realms, 44 classes and 24 races.  And they have paid the piper, eh...

  • PWN_FACEPWN_FACE SeoulPosts: 670Member
    Originally posted by Volenibblets
    ... I will miss my little 'waaargh'-y greenskin shaman :-( 

    Yeah, I really tried to like this game a lot of times, but just couldn't do it. I do think that WAR had the best green skins ever, though. The other races were pretty boring, but the Orks and Goblins where for me the best/funniest/most full of character in any game.

  • wgc01wgc01 Fort Worth, TXPosts: 232Member Uncommon
    Well they squeezed out an 8 year run, better than a lot of games, not as good as others, times are changing, companies are changing, there will be casualties along the way../shrug
  • a99alelaa99alela StaffanstorpPosts: 1Member

    One of the reasons why DAoC kept my interest for so long was because of the great balance between PvE and RvR.

    PvE in WAR was nothing short of a flat experience in a linear world. PvE needs a "real" world with choices of where to go to be made and a sense of exploration. The "follow this dirt path to the next group of tents as you level up" made me lose interest within the first 20 levels and quit before I hit 30.

    Battlegrounds were fun for a while, but just as in WoW they grow tedious and boring. I never really got to experience real RvR in WAR and that bugs me a little, but when the rest falls short I don't see why I should bother.

    Too bad to see it go though.

  • jadiusmaxjadiusmax simi valley, CAPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    These guys took a great IP and just trashed it...and i know you elitists out there prob just think i'm stupid but im sorry, the 'EA/Mythic/Bioware account merging/mash up'  was so confusing that i was not actually able to log in because i had no idea what account was what...

    Amazing art will not save every terrible choice made...proof positive...

    maybe i'll have to try and play the tabletop games instead..'shrug'

  • TyrpakTyrpak ErdPosts: 5Member

    I rarely post here. But WAR deserves a R.I.P.

    Came to the game as a PVE carebear, that changed quickly with the first 3 hour long castle siege (and 300 players killed in my tome), the first pitched battle at the lighthouse, and the immersive stories and scenery in PVE that only a few loved.

    But as they didn't plan for the end of the road at game start (like fort fights, server lag, redesign upon redesign of failed classes), it went from adrenaline rush to my first deleted character ever (Witch Elf nerf), and another disappointment in a long row of disappointments at that time: Tabula Rasa, AoC, WAR, Aion...

  • CylintCylint USAPosts: 15Member Uncommon
    There is only one reason to keep a game alive, and that's to make money.  The fan base of this game was never enough to keep the lights on, let alone make profit.  At some point you have to cut bait.  Move along.
  • Jyd111Jyd111 Posts: 23Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by observer
    Swtor next? I remember playing the beta for WAR, and the game kept crashing.  It was actually a good game too.

    It is just to bad that EA/Bioware could not have made SWTOR  an updated version of SWG with the good parts of both it would be a great game.

    Give me back SWG at sunset and keep adding to it and I would pay twice what it was costing.

  • FanOfSupermanFanOfSuperman Burlington, VTPosts: 144Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Elikal
    Originally posted by MikeB
    Depressing. Despite all its issues, there still isn't a PvP MMO out there that does it for me the way WAR did. I wish they would have done more to rescue it.

    That certainly IS true. I had good in with my Bright Mage raining down fire on Chaos players. Still, it was just very ugly, totally imbalanced, lame PVE and was overall just a very mediocre MMO. But they just gave it up! It'S what we have seen so often, when a MMO goes wrong, big companies just drop it like a hot potatoe. They take no effort to turn it around, especially in the case of EA.

    And look at the screenshots! It looks like 15 years old not five years. So much to the theory that cartoony ages better, eh?

    And this is exactly why - mark my words - EA will never (ever) have a successful MMO. They simply do not have the slightest inclination toward what it takes to build a great MMO.


    Not only do they have little knowledge in this area, they have no common sense, no wisdom, no foresight, nor do they have any realization of the nurturing that goes into making an MMO great! They believe that great MMOs are simply born rather than slowly grown and when theirs immediately fail, they lack the humility to listen to why they were defeated and overcome those problems; rather instead they amplify them or even create additional problems.Warhammer and SWTOR are both perfect examples of this!


    One example with Warhammer Online, is they took far too many months until they finally pulled the trigger on merging servers, or allowing players to transfer. This killed their playerbase of remaining dedicated players that were left after the inevitable initial dropoff from launch. I was  a 3-month/per paying customer stuck on a server for months that was an absolute ghost town; with no other option but to eventually cancel my sub. :(


    I actually feel bad for Mythic as they must have been in between quite the “rock and a hard place” dealing with both Games Workshop and EA. Not the place I’d want to be. Although who truly knows; some of the stubbornness in terms of not listening to its players could have stemmed from Mythic, but I really doubt it.


    Long story short, there is absolutely zero reason why such a great IP should have tanked so badly. The fact that EA has done it twice with the two biggest IPs you could possibly imagine for an MMO tells you all you need to know about that company’s future in this genre. Only EA could pull that off!


    Finally though, Mike you were correct: few games were as much fun PvP-wise! I had more fun [wreaking havoc with my Witch Elf] than in any other game I’ve played. I’ll never forget that one scenario at Highpass Cemetary where I had 80-something kills and 1 death. I pissed so many people off that I had the whole opposing team doing a b-line for me by the end of the match! It was friggin’ awesome!


    The game itself though had a lot wrong with it from the outset and much of what was wrong was passed on to the devs time and again by the players but EA/Mythic refused to acknowledge or address these problems in a timely manner. The BWs Scorched Earth exploit immediately springs to mind.

  • kinartkinart KalavrytaPosts: 126Member Uncommon

    The lesson here i think is that you don't mess with an IP unless you really know what you are doing. Some people claim that it was the IP that brought people on the game, but from my experience this is not true. From all my friends that play RPGs (MMOS, CRPGs, tabletops or a mix of them), and that's about 12 people, only 1 actually knew about Warhammer IP before the MMO, and guess what? This guy never played a MMO yet... From these 12 people we were 6 that joined Warhammer on release, i was the only one with a tabletop background and that was only on Forgotten Realms stuff... The rest five were all ex-wow players. Most of them left the game after the first 3 months or so. I played for two years and had my fun with it, in fact it's my favorite MMO of all time, and i 've played quite a lot of them.

    What i am trying to say is that, yes, some players joined cause of the IP ok... but were these players enough to actually balance the IP's costs? Hell no. And i am not talking about now, i am talking about the very beginning of the game. So it was a bad choice. The game could have some random lore and most people that played it would still play it. That way all the cost for the IP would have gone to actually develop the game further and i believe it wouldn't have ended up to this.

  • goldtoofgoldtoof leedsPosts: 337Member
    Really they should have made DAOC 2
    Set it in the old world
    Have empire and dwarfs instead of albion
    Have orcs and goblins instead of hibenian
    Have warriors & beasts of chaos instead of midguard

    Expansion could have seen wood elves, skaven and ogre kingdoms join the play.
  • MMOManiacsMMOManiacs New York, NYPosts: 189Member
    Originally posted by firefly2003
    Originally posted by rojo6934
    Originally posted by MikeB
    Depressing. Despite all its issues, there still isn't a PvP MMO out there that does it for me the way WAR did. I wish they would have done more to rescue it.

    i think they decided to shut it down instead of saving it as F2P because Swtor is not doing well with their awful hybrid model. Since Mythic is also part of EA they just opted to let it die. My opinion, of course.


    I never played SWG but i remember when it shut down SOE said the license ended, then EA took the license and made Swtor. Now WAR's license is ending, i hope a better company gets revives it or make a better version. I would definitelly have played this game without a sub.

    Bioware offered Lucasarts 20% more on the Star Wars License to make to TOR, LA thought well were getting more out of Bioware so they went to SOE and asked them for 20% more and SOE declined, hence the closure of SWG. SOE tried to negoitate for a more fairer price but LA wouldn't budge. So blame Bioware for SWG's closure, not that TOR is doing well today anyway , and a little inside info say Bioware is trying to get out of the contract with Disney so you may see TOR get shut down in the next couple of years.

    "Inside knowledge" posts warm my heart.

    So, SWTOR at its stable lowest has as many subscribers as SWG at its peak highest, yet SWTOR isnt doing well? Its defanitly not doing what they wanted it to do, but compared to all other MMOs not named WoW, its doing quite well for itself.


    Now back on topic. This is pretty sad news. The most giddy fun iv ever had in an MMO is doing a 100 man keep siege, watching 3 tanks hold off everyone trying to get through the door.

  • zaylinzaylin Olympia, WAPosts: 794Member Uncommon
    all this talk of WAR , is making me want to play again :(....was fun while it lasted, to bad they did not do more . was the most anticapated game for me
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