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Can anyone tell me if you NEED to beat Aurum Vale?

GableGable Vancouver, BCPosts: 43Member Uncommon
I've read you need to finish this to unlock the AK quest, but that isn't true, as a friend and I have both done so without completing Aurum Vale.  Anyone know any reason it must be beat?


  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,223Member Uncommon

    Quick search finds you this:

    Aurum Vale is not part of the main story and is a side quest given by the NPC Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay (Western Thanalan). The quest is given at level 47 and the max level for this dungeon is 49. Any player above 49 will be level synced to 49 upon entry to the dungeon. The dungeon is located in Coerthas Central Highlands. 

  • GableGable Vancouver, BCPosts: 43Member Uncommon
    I know all that, yep.  I've searched as well, but can't find out if you absolutely need to finish it for any reason.
  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob lexington, KYPosts: 866Member Uncommon

    I still haven't bothered running it yet.   Didn't stop me from finishing the story, doing endgame content, maxxing my GC rank etc.



  • teknotazteknotaz san antonio, TXPosts: 112Member
    i enjoyed this instance last night. first time i finished it with problems, cause we were all new, and the second time, had a tank that would not listen. it made you look at your surroundings, watch the boss cause there was no red circle or box tell you where or what he is doing, and you ate fruit.


  • BloodaxesBloodaxes ZabbarPosts: 3,609Member Rare

    This dungeon is pretty good to gain some good experience when you reach the part with the things that keep on spawning mini marbolos until destroyed.

    With guild exp buff, food and chain on killing them I was reaching on 2k exp per mini marbolo and they die fast.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,548Member Rare

    AV is one of the two ways to unlock AK; you can also do it through the GC quest line if I recall it correctly.

    So no, you don't have to do it, and you can skip it, but for a L47-49 character it's a pretty nice xp run dungeon, and it has some new mechanics which make it fairly interesting to run.

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