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If I was Blizzard I would be very worried right now...



  • icculus2112icculus2112 Richmond, VAPosts: 105Member
    Originally posted by Kopogero
    When I launch a content that supposed to last for 7 months and some of my guilds are already 9/14 heroic mode and more on the first day I would be kinda worried. But then again WOW caters to the majority and majority wants it easy, I just don't see a reason anyone to continue their sub when they clear content within first week or even month. For me PvE is secondary thing in WOW, but still it's something I do that justifies the sub beside PvP.

    less then 5% of the games players will clear hardmode SoO before the next expansion.  The hardcore raider market isnt the one they have to worry about.  Its a small percentage of their players and they know that WoW is the best in the business at consistent, properly tuned, challenging raid content.   Sure, some raids are tougher than others but for the most part the heroic raid content is quite hard, and hard for the right reasons, not due to improper tuning or mechanics that dont work like they should.  .

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