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Dragon's Prophet: Worldwide Launch Day Arrives

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Dragon's Prophet has finally reached its official worldwide launch day. Both Sony Online Entertainment's and Infernum's version of the game is available to play for free and with significant improvements over the beta client version.

Beginning today, players can participate in the open world Frontier System. This system allows players to construct unique houses, form Alliances of up to five guilds, and experience aerial and mounted combat. Aided by siege weaponry and Alliance Guardian Dragons, Alliances will engage in large-scare player-versus-player (PvP) wars to assert their superiority and achieve the ultimate prize -- eventual control of different territories in the Auratian Sky Islands.

Aspiring Prophets can explore, fight new creatures, and battle through four new dungeons in Inartia. They can also take on a skeletal World Boss and new quests in Puretia. Live broadcast functionality has been integrated into Dragon's Prophet, and players will be able to stream their dragon capturing and fighting experiences directly to the Twitch platform. 

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  • JyiigaJyiiga Seneca, SCPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon
    I know jack about this game, but I got a serial for a free dragon at Dragoncon. So maybe I will check it out.
  • ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic
    Is it like the third/forth launch for this game?
    I lost the count.
    Anyway this game is as shsllow and cheesy as it csn get.
    People played Beta already and apparently not many liked it. Not that I am surprised.
    I hope EQnext will be more challenging and interesting than this pile of random pixels...........

  • czspeedyczczspeedycz PraguePosts: 1Member
    Umm...first release? :D You know very much about it game I see :) Anyway this game is epic, like Runes of Magic, but better with action combat and very flexible classes, which you can personalize your character by mastery skills and dragon souls skills to fit your playstyle like no other games can :) 
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