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What has been your favorite MMO?



  • Star Wars Galaxies

    Dark Age of Camelot

    Warhammer Online

    Guild Wars 1&2

  • shamallshamall Imperial Beach, CAPosts: 516Member Common

    Dark Age of Camelot

    I had way too many good times in this game with everything from forming groups to pve farm camps, to some insane pvp fights.

    The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave

  • JuaksJuaks Posts: 271Member Uncommon

    EQ1 until Scars of Velious expansion (included)


  • RylahRylah Tribal VillagePosts: 193Member Uncommon

    EvE - just started a few months ago and could bite my ass that I wasted all these years on other games instead of it.

  • Baramos79Baramos79 Indianapolis, INPosts: 73Member
    Ultima Online by far. I doubt I ever experience another mmo like it.
  • jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon
    Tally marker.  List updated in the original post.

  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon
    Starwars Galaxies pre-cu(Still the best crafting of any game ever made) then WOW Burning Crusade.
  • asyndetonasyndeton Victorville, CAPosts: 87Member Uncommon

    I was heavily into EverQuest 2. Especially around the time Echoes of Faydwer came out. I also enjoyed the Kunark expansion. To this very day, there is a specific spot in Kylong Plains that I go visit every once in a while. At this spot a certain song starts playing. And it just brings back so many awesome memories.

    EQ1 and the Qeynos Grand March does the same thing. But I was too young to really enjoy EQ1 at the time, so my vote goes to EQ2.

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