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PlanetSide 2: World Domination Series PreSeason Challenge Kicks Off

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,736 Epic

For the next five weeks, through October 20th, PlanetSide 2's World Domination Series: Preseason Challenge will be taking place. Assisted by members of the PS2 team, each nation will take part in challenges designed to earn points for their chosen Empire, thereby establishing dominance.

The basics:

There will be a weekly objective for everyone (pre-season will have the same objective each week)

Each week, we'll have an empire winner

The event will last 5 weeks

On the 5th week, we'll have the final winner of the entire pre-season event

Every server will be involved and you'll be able to see the overall score for each empire as well as the overall score for each empire on a specific server (scoring detail will be provided in the article I mentioned above)

Rewards will be given to every player who participated in each week’s competition on the global winning empire

Find out more on the PlanetSide 2 site.



  • ignore_meignore_me Apple Valley, CAMember Posts: 1,987
    The VS will win

    Survivor of the great MMORPG Famine of 2011

  • RocknissRockniss Youngstown, OHMember Posts: 1,034
    Only if they cheat and you can bet I will be doing everything I can to stop them
  • LordSneergLordSneerg Lorton, VAMember Posts: 119
    Great idea to bring race unity.
  • bbbb42bbbb42 none, FLMember Posts: 297 Uncommon
    purple always win aka da bawss squad

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