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Guild System is identical to GW2.

flclimaxflclimax Hempstead, NYPosts: 92Member Uncommon


  • Swedish_ChefSwedish_Chef of heroes, MSPosts: 213Member
    Ewww... no thank you. Allowing people to join multiple guilds pretty much turns them into glorified chat channels. Though to be fair in some games they're not much more than that anyway.
  • SiugSiug Posts: 1,224Member Uncommon
    Worst guild system I've ever seen. GW2 brought a lot of crap into the genre imho.
  • RebelScum99RebelScum99 Mesa, AZPosts: 1,090Member
    This is definitely disappointing.  Not a game-breaker, but definitely not a decision I'm happy about.
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