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Camelot Unchained Music

CasalenaCasalena windsor, ONPosts: 4Member

Hey guys,


I would relish the opportunity of writing music for this game, at any extent.  Hopefully,  composers like Ramino Djawadi are just too damn busy :)




  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    sounds really good man.  what daw do you use?
  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COPosts: 555Member Uncommon
    Very impressive! Wow - keep it up. I hope you get to do some music for any games cause this rocks.
  • QallidexzQallidexz Austin, TXPosts: 253Member
    I really like the beginning and end part, the loud part in the middle goes overboard on the intensity imo, like it's trying too hard. But I could see the beginning and end parts working very well for Vikings. Really excited to hear the TDD music, I hope it sounds a lot like Hibernia's music... Such great toons. <3
  • CasalenaCasalena windsor, ONPosts: 4Member
    Thanks glad you guys like it.  Muffins, I use Cubase 6.

  • superconductingsuperconducting Rochester, NYPosts: 857Member Uncommon

    Great stuff here!

    Why don't you consider shooting MJ an email? Couldn't hurt to see his response to community-made scores.

    As an extra convincing point you can even tell him that Shroud of the Avatar is taking submissions for fan-made music as we speak and appears to be greatly successful already.

  • QallidexzQallidexz Austin, TXPosts: 253Member
    Here's a great one for TDD: 
  • CasalenaCasalena windsor, ONPosts: 4Member

    Thanks for the kind words. a reel and cover letter ot  Still waiting for a response.



  • superconductingsuperconducting Rochester, NYPosts: 857Member Uncommon

    Well, if you're interested in SotA you could submit pieces here:


    Regarding CU, you can check out this page:

  • CasalenaCasalena windsor, ONPosts: 4Member
    Will do.   Music composer jobs are rarely listed, it's very lucrative, the most you will find is sound designer or audio director. Although, Ubisoft did have a listing not too long ago, but still rare.

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