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Group Questing Concern

keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAPosts: 3,097Member Uncommon

I found this article, one of the few that had a less positive opinion after playing, and one of the points within concerned me:

Apparently quests are instanced per-player based on dialogue choices or which NPCs involved are alive or dead (which, I assume then, is also instanced per-player). Perhaps if we had coordinated on every possible choice presented to us, we could have experienced the same quest, but we were each offered NPCs and dialogue options, so we both took our own paths – not realizing it would cause such a split. At one point, my partner was having a conversation with an NPC ghost I couldn’t even see, and had entirely different objectives I couldn’t help with. At that point it seemed silly to even be grouped up in the first place. This could also have all stemmed from some key information being left out to us by the demo givers, but if splitting off into completely different questlines is this easy to do by accident, it would have been nice to know.

I'm curious what some of your thoughts are on the above paragraph.



There Is Always Hope!


  • B0reasB0reas Nighthaven, ORPosts: 7Member
    It really seems to early to start speculating on something like that. Sounds more like a design hurdle to be ironed out than a legitimate black mark, considering the author was playing an alpha build of all things. First impressions are one thing, and granted playing even an alpha build can give a good feel of the core game, but I think that it would be better to wait and see if this still poses a problem when the game is out and people are running into that issue. If it persists, players will probably be pretty vocal about it.
  • deakondeakon birminghamPosts: 583Member
    I kinda like that tbh, as long as i can see my friend and him/her me and our quests are sending us to the same places (which lets be honest, they will have to), then its pretty damn cool and would make me want to play the content again a different way
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