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An idea for a new MMORPG...

DaggdagDaggdag Paris, AKPosts: 2Member

I have had an idea for a new MMORPG for awhile now.


I do not have a name for the game yet, but I know it will use traditional fantasy races.  Human, Elf, Dwarf, Drow, Orc, Hafling. 


The classes will be traditional for the most part as well......Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Ranger, 

The lack of classes will be made up by a number of customization allowed to each class.  For example, mages will be able to specialize in different schools of magic; Destruction, Restoration, Transmutation, etc...... 

Warriors will be able gain specializations with specific weapons and fighting styles.  For example, a Warrior who gains a certain number in heavy armor and long blades can take the Knight specialization.  

Rogues will be able to take the Thief specialization, and steal items from players and NPCs

Rangers will be able to take specializations such as marksman, which will allow them to take longer shoot farther without sacrificing accuracy.

There is one special class that is not like the others.  It is the Merchant class.  Merchants will be less combat oriented, only having access to basic iron weapons.  However, they will have access to "Warehouses" which will be located in every major city.  These warehouses will have every non-special item in the game.  Merchants will be able to buy these items and sell them to other players.  Because of their weak nature, Merchants would need to hire players to protect them while traveling through dangerous areas.

Players will not be limited to one class.  They will be able to pick a second one, after they have made it to a certain level as one.  For example, player who chooses the Ranger and Mage class, could be a Arcane Archer, whose arrows have magical effects. 



There are several features that I want for the game.  

I want all guilds in the game to be player formed and player ran.  Players will decide what the guild does.  You could have a Guild of Mages specializing in Restoration who sell their healing services to parties.  Or a Guild of Warriors who act as body guards for weaker players, such as merchants, trying to get trough high level areas.  Or even a guild of rogues or rangers who act as assassins and kill other players for money.

I would also like the in-game governments to be play lead.  Either with players electing the leaders, or holding tournaments to decide them through PVP combat. 

My goal is to have many of the quests being original player created ones.  Rogues could waylay merchants in the woods, and take his goods, or a merchant could hire warriors to escort them.  So play guilds with opposit ideals would end up fighting each other, allowing endless, non-linear quests.  There would be a main-quest series, but more quests would be added monthly to male sure players do not run out.  new enemies would arise, new monsters, and the level would never cap.  As enough players reach a certain level, the game would be updated with a high level cap and more quests. 


  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    Ima say this as nicely as possible ( as is possible for me...and that's really difficult in this case)...You don't really have an idea for an MMORPG. You have a description of about dozen or so currently on the market. To me the only thing I find interesting about it - though likely, not practically doable without it feeling like a heavily forced feature -  Is making merchants an actual class.


    I'd say go back to the drawing board. Fact is if you are not a game maker your self...a generic idea isn't getting made. I think you really need to think about what MMORPG's you've played do and don't have. What good and bad features are that you have seen. What features could have been better and how. And, after that, you think have an idea that is good to insert or that your rethinking it in a unique way... just ask someone who has played a lot more MMORPG's how many times they have already seen it (And, play a lot more yourself). If a few people like that can't think of when they have ever seen a feature quite like that (or one that wasn't like that but better). And, they can't tear it apart showing major flaws in how it won't work.Then you have the start of a good idea... Maybe.


  • DibdabsDibdabs FelvershamPosts: 2,717Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Daggdag
    I have had an idea for a new MMORPG for awhile now.

    So, who is going to wave a magic wand and breathe life into this Frankenstinian mash-up of existing games for you?  I have an equally valid idea for a teleportation device but like you I have neither a plan, fresh ideas, funding or the skill to make it.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    I think a great many of us have worlds swirling around in our heads that we'd love to see come to life. 

    Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.   Until you focus your attention and attempt to write a detailed design doc and take an inventory of all the things that would need to be built, it's easy to overlook how much of a dream exists in a fog that one just imagines has something good inside of it.

    In many ways, the OP feels vague enough that it could be a description of any number of games that already exist.   As a forum dweller, reading out of curiosity, I need to have my attention focused quickly on what it is that you feel no current game provides. Then I need to be convinced that you have a proposal that fills the need.   Then we can argue about whether I'd play it :)

  • SpellforgedSpellforged Belvidere, ILPosts: 458Member Uncommon

    The game sounds very cookie cutter with the exception of the player run features.  The class system sounds like virtually every MMORPG out there with various specialization categories. (Feats? lol)  The merchant system would also be completely pointless.  Everybody will just make a Merchant alt and nobody will actually main the thing.  Standard items would become worthless or drastically fall in price because every single player can purchase them on their Merchant alt. lol  Just forget the whole merchant idea.

    I've also seen a few MMORPG's with player run governments and they always fall flat.  They're either not important enough to make a difference and come across as being a gimmick or break the game and cause unnecessary drama.  Most players aren't mentally prepared to be in a position of power and it will just hurt the enjoyment of the game for everybody else.

  • MorrokMorrok MunichPosts: 130Member

    Originally posted by Daggdag
    There is one special class that is not like the others. It is the Merchant class. Merchants will be less combat oriented, only having access to basic iron weapons. However, they will have access to "Warehouses" which will be located in every major city. These warehouses will have every non-special item in the game. Merchants will be able to buy these items and sell them to other players. Because of their weak nature, Merchants would need to hire players to protect them while traveling through dangerous areas.
    Why would i want to play that merchant?
    If i understand you correctly, a major city would have a stockpile of common stuff that i can buy at some (presumably set) price.
    Then i am expected to pay other players to protect me en route from point a to point b (where point b would apparently be no city, else it'd have it's own stockpile) just so a player that happens to come by does not have to walk into the next major city and buy the item there?

    True merchants are interesting, but it'd require stuff like player-crafted items only, or items that one can only buy at special places.
    And in the latter case, it'd be far more... effective for the merchant to simply set up shop at the source of that item and have the others come to him to buy it, rather than hire players to protect him while he ferries it to some other place.
    Unless you raise the price with the distance traveled (like Braben's doing it with Elite), but then you'd not need a merchant class but merely the ability for a warrior to start/create a caravan.

    Letting players steal from other players is only viable in a PvP game, which in turn would make the merchant even less attractive.

    As was said already, so far it sounds like most games out there, especially the "As enough players reach a certain level, the game would be updated with a high level cap and more quests." part!



    And finally:
    This site, of all available, is probably the least i'd start talking about an idea i'd be actually willing to implement or interesting in having it implemented.
    Especially if in such an early stage as you seem to be.

    I think that *every* player has had idea(s) about his "dream" MMO.
    Along the lines of "take this feature from that game, and that feature from this other game and this and that, mix'em all good and it'd be perfect!".
    But it won't be.
    The harder parts are easily identified if you actually bring the various ideas to paper and try to sort them into a rough design paper that you could present to an investor or lector.
    (More realitically, a friend. And if a friend who's NOT a gamer - after reading that expose - doesn't know what you mean and how you want it, make another iteration of that paper)

    And the really hard part, apart from (or actually part of) actually selling the game to an investor, is the research and decisions on stuff like "what's the graphics going to look like" (art concept, can you do it? i can't.) over "instanced or not" to other details like target audience, hosting, sound/music etc...
    (in short: a prototype and business plan)

    Just judging by how vague your post is, neither exist yet, not even begun i'd reckon.
    If i were you, i'd discuss the idea with my friends and perhaps try to get some technicals skills to at least be roughly enabled to estimate required efforts for various tasks involved.

  • kragekrage Miami, FLPosts: 422Member Uncommon

    I like the concepts well enough of an inter-dependence of world > player factions > guilds > classes > objectives back into the world assuming I got it right. 

    Keep on fleshing out your idea, its a fun exercise for creativity and will give you some material for suggestions for games in development that may be used. Start working on how to implement such systems (aka combat values, "RNGs", or other systems) and the weight behind them 

    Don't get discouraged by most replies from most users on this forum for sharing your ideas especially as your first post. 

  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Edison, NJPosts: 457Member Uncommon
    Play Dungeons & Dragons Offline.


  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    I agree with Vayman...

    This is where D&D still has it's value and relevance (or any d20 modern, and like systems and games under them). If you want to world build and want others to experience and enjoy your world. But, you don't have some Uber Geek skill set that lets you sit down to a computer and just make it. Find a local roleplay group. If your not already involved with one find one...


    Go out and buy about two d4, seven d6, one d10, and two d20 dice. Also buy a package...many packages* of pencils (they can be mechanical but make sure they have an eraser), a large pack of grid paper, and maybe a clip board. Then search local yahoo groups, go to game stores, hit up craigslist and find these people (in some areas they are not always easy to find). If nothing else you will learn from them how to really flesh an idea out. then make it better.


    These are the people who are well versed in taking imaginings and bringing them as close as they can to reality with little more then something to make marks with and something to make marks on. Not trying to make them out to be some sort of secret wizards hiding in the world...but they kinda are a lot of the time, lol.


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