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The hardest EPIC boss fight you have ever fought?



  • kraizykraizy berlinPosts: 51Member Uncommon
    Tara in Anarchy Online nothing better then two factions raping each other when fighting for the loot of the dragon :O
  • SnigerknudSnigerknud hedenstedPosts: 60Member Uncommon

    25man Heroic Lichking in World of warcraft...that one was insane..

    Then later on Heroic Ragnaros...that one was all so insane..


  • Quazal.AQuazal.A PrestonPosts: 795Member Uncommon

    Personally for fun would be the group of 3 ogres in Gruuls lair

    But for complete instances for me it would be the pinacle of WoWs days (my opinion ofc) but Karazhan, back when you had to run the stupidly slow pre-quest just to get in the damn place

    Loved that place and especially the opera event :)

    This post is all my opinion, but I welcome debate on anything i have put, however, personal slander / name calling belongs in game where of course you're welcome to call me names im often found lounging about in EvE online.
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  • TheRazhelTheRazhel osloPosts: 3Member

    Get on mah level hoe

  • ReehayReehay ftgdfgd, NVPosts: 172Member
    Originally posted by mythren
    Originally posted by sirphobos
    Absolutely no contest: The Rathe Council in EQ1.  Anyone who did this raid when it was current content knows what I'm talking about. Everything else is a distant battle for second.



    I've raided in many major MMO's since 1999 and only Everquest and vanilla-BC Warcraft can honesly claim to be kings of epic raiding. There are a few honorable mentions I can think of... but in the end, Everquest and Warcraft are the undisputed kings of fun and epic and challenging and interesting raiding.

    Rathe Council was very challenging. I'd also add Tunare (especially back in the days before voice comm), some of the NTOV dragon encounters and many encounters in Ssraeshza Temple. I thought PoP god's were really fun too... Mithaniel Marr was pretty fun I remember. And the Zek fights.

    Warcraft is second in epicness only because of the crutch called Deadly Boss Mods. Still, Blizzard was able to craft very challenging and epic encounters despite DBM. Vanilla WoW, BC, and WoTLK had some very interesting raid encounters. Loved Naxx, loved Black Temple, loved Ulduar. I quit after the shitstorm called Cataclysm ended so i'm not familiar with anything past that.

    I currently dont play any MMOs, But I am interested in seeing how easymode EQNext will end up being ... sad face.

  • AngztAngzt berlinPosts: 230Member

    pf, you guys should try to take down a titan in eve :)


    all your fights are minor against that

    "believe me, mike.. i calculated the odds of this working against the odds that i was doing something incredibly stupid… and i did it anyway!"

  • indefindef Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 344Member Uncommon

    Mimiron 25-man hard mode for sure.  Ulduar tier 8 in WoW.

    Shit was the hardest thing I've ever done in a video game.

    Yogg no lights was probably harder, but it's a lot less chaotic.

  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,803Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Quazal.A
    Loved that place and especially the opera event :)

    an offtopic note needs to be made here...


    Opera Event, especially big bad wolf was an extremely rare case of a fight that's by no means challenging yet it's extremely fun due to pure immersion.


    you're turned into a female gnome with a red dress, your armor is zeroed and your speed doubled. the big bad wolf is coming straight for you. For the next minute you have to run away from him. But don't cut corners, don't get too crazy with your path. One swing and you're dead.


    going from a tank to the little red gnome for 60 seconds, and seeing the boss go from barely tickling you to extinction-level of threat...was amazing. it was not hard, it was not something you'd scratch your head thinking "how can I do this better". But we had a blast doing it.


    an extremely rare occurance of FUN without challenge.


    perhaps normal mode alysrazor and its circle flying would also qualify...but it was a moderately challenging fight overall.



  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Aurora, ILPosts: 2,661Member Uncommon

    For me there are 2 categories:

    Offline: Pycho Mantis Metal Gear Solid (PS)

    His taunts about: "I can read your mind!" and "So you like to play Castlevania!" were mindbending to me and the fight was permanently archived in my head when I finally figured out the trick to beating him.


    Online: Twin Emperors -Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (WoW)

    We wiped so many times on these two bastards it wasn't even funny. The mechanics for switching and getting them to trade places was a beast! So glad when we did beat them....but never consistently.

    "Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

  • DihoruDihoru ConstantaPosts: 2,731Member
    Only one that sticks out to me at this hour was back in 2006 running a 5/10 plex with a rag tag fleet (1 ferox, 1 raven, 2 frigates, 1 interceptor and me in a kestrel.... it didn't go well but it was a blast none the less XD we pulled several million isk, then, meta items without popping the Mother).

  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Somewhere in nowherePosts: 2,432Member Uncommon

    The most epic boss fight was probably against Lethon, one of the corrupted green dragon world bosses in vanilla WoW. No one had really done those bosses on our server and we had a ton of onlookers and got lots of congratulations and generally E-peen boosts when we killed it :)

    Hardest was probably Razorgore the Untamed (true difficulty) and afterwards Vaelastrasz (gear check) in vanilla WoW's Blackwing Lair.  I remember our raid leader jokingly putting up a "strategy" for razorgore after a few weeks, it consisted of a paint image full of garbled lines...

    Didn't help that we were doing it in the most crappy gear imaginable combined with a few things from MC at the time.

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  • sportsfansportsfan BlankenbergePosts: 431Member

    2007/ King Maulgar, the boss before Gruul first months after TBC.

    4 different tanks and 4 different healer roles

    Rest DPS. If one dude made one mistake it was game over.

    I still remember the many months we wanted to get in with several groups and some "briefings" took 2 hours... after which there was ALWAYS a guy saying "would you repeat the briefing one more time please".

    My role was to heal the Mage Tank. Awesome times...

  • Riposte.ThisRiposte.This Toronto, ONPosts: 192Member
    Nexona in Veeshan's Peak in Everquest 2's expansion Rise of Kunark. She was known as the "guild ruiner" because of the frustration and amount of time people spent on her. People pulled her for over a month every day, without success.

    Killing dragons is my shit

  • SinsaiSinsai Reno, NVPosts: 341Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by sirphobos
    Absolutely no contest: The Rathe Council in EQ1.  Anyone who did this raid when it was current content knows what I'm talking about. Everything else is a distant battle for second.

    ^^ This x 10.


  • TheSedatedTheSedated WormsPosts: 82Member

    Just can give props to the guy on page 1 posting Tarasque from AO. One of the first real bosses I've seen in that game and not the hard itself, just tank&spank. But the fact that it's a boss with (up until today!) damn good gear combined with sitting in the middle of a PvP dungeon is pure genius. And for AO, there is no such thing as divided armor for PvE and PvP.

    What was also a lot of fun back then before Shadowlands was Mercs/ACE Camp. Again not that hard when it comes to mechanics, but a great experience when it was a server wide raid, because a single faction wasn't able to down it on their own. 200+ people trying to coordinate just to get this damn Ian Warr down, including heal chains and whatnot...

  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon
    Four Horsemen in Naxx 40.  Took 6 weeks of guilds raiding it before the first one succeeded.
  • ChuckanarChuckanar johnson city, TNPosts: 210Member Uncommon
    My ex wifes Lawyer.
  • SinakuSinaku Austin, TXPosts: 509Member Uncommon

    Sapphiron from Naxx in WoW was one of the most epic,hardest bosses I have ever done that I can think of. I have done that fight tons of times and it really is a cakewalk but when we were progressing through Naxx back in WOTLK it was one of my favorite times at how long it took us to town that boss xD.

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 14,991Member Legendary
    The sleeper in EQ1.
  • ArakaziArakazi OxfordPosts: 911Member Uncommon
    Rathe Council... I pretty much gave up EQ after that. It was horrible from beginning to end.
  • ariestearieste toronto, ONPosts: 3,308Member Uncommon

    Lots of really hard (and fun) encounters in EQ2.


    Commanders in Plane of War

    Roehn Theer





    Those are some of the hardest I've beaten, there are some harder ones I never even got to fight - Yael, PIrate Kings. 


    The new EQ2 duo zones are also some of the hardest things I've ever done in a game, especially Forge and AA.


    The amount of great encounters of various difficulty (there is always something harder!) is one of the main things that keeps playing EQ2 and raiding every weekend.

    "I’d rather work on something with great potential than on fulfilling a promise of mediocrity."

    - Raph Koster

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