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Lots of "gamey" elements here....



  • rungardrungard st. john''s, NFPosts: 1,035Member

    I think you underestimate some of the complexities. with 40 classes you will have numerous weapon choices and unlimited combinations.

    I am certain there will be numerous types of warrior, cleric, rogue and wizard types (with differing weapon combos) to play with and find the ones you like and combine them how you like best.


    your not limited to one class, but each class has limitations on weapons and armor. 


    I think they are on to something. unlimited customization within a framework.



  • Holyavenger1Holyavenger1 CanadaPosts: 598Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Drakephire
    Originally posted by Allein
    "Gamey" stuff in a game? I'm confused what else would there be?

    OP wants 'worky' stuff, and 'schooly' stuff, and 'politicy' stuff, and maybe 'religiousy' stuff.

    Lol, 'schooly' stuff. Hah.

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