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Help: Order of the Twin Adder - FINAL QUEST

time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 490Member Uncommon

hI guys I'm trying to attain the final rank at the order of the twin adder that is available "second serpent lieutenant (well I mean the third tab on the ranking chart).  He says, you are able to be promoted please seek out the commander for your trial.  But the thing is, the command is like 3 npc's away and has no quest bubble over his head.


Is it another NPC he's talking about that activates the trial quest?  I've done the other trials and i'm one rank down from being able to get the level 50 weapons.  I'm at the adder's nest but none of the npc's have a quest bubble over there head. 



  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAPosts: 647Member
    Oh you are level 50? I have an idea, log out and  let some other people play.
  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 490Member Uncommon
    I will as soon as I get this rank!!! I want that level 50 weapon and final rank!! haha

  • ZenTaoYingYangZenTaoYingYang BahrainPosts: 354Member
    you have to be 50 to get the quest , good time to gather seals anyways :P
  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 490Member Uncommon
    well someone told me, you have to finish the storyline quest.  so I spent all day queued for it, finally got it, now the server kicked me and I cant get back on.  and there will be maintenance in 2 hours so I guess ill have to do it all tomorrow.

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