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I Quit MMOs But The Secret World Dragged Me Back



  • mikelafalcemikelafalce Chicago, ILPosts: 13Member
    I left because I felt the subscription was not worth it. I did buy the game and now its F2P so I may come back.
  • SquatchinSquatchin Quincy, WAPosts: 93Member

    My wife and I are currently playing this, and we are a having a blast.  I can look past the clunky combat and meh character models, because the missions and overall atmosphere more then make up for it.

    It truly is a wonderful game.


  • TheAmazingDwarfTheAmazingDwarf MadridPosts: 232Member Uncommon

    «Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!»


    It just grows on you. It's unique. Funcom deserves some support for the unique games they do, I think.


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  • OzimandeusOzimandeus Milton KeynesPosts: 84Member Uncommon

    For me,

    TSW is currently the only MMORPG worth playing, the key point is it treats its players like the adults we are. Not only the 'mature' content which is very stylised and gothic, but also with the investigation missions and general feel.

    For once I am treated as an intelligent adult, not a meaningless member of a zerg of players all being pulled by their noses to certain events which 'must' be done.

    Sure GW2 is lovely, as is FF Redo, but they both still treat their players like a bunch of kids.

    These things always come to a head for me around Halloween and Christmas - GW2 and most other MMO's treat these festivals as an opportunity to become utterly purile, and disgustingly sugar sweet - GW2 even comiting the ultimate crime of putting candy canes in game - yuk! . TSW doesn't it keeps 'in character'.

    As a mature player (over 40), its important to me to only invest my time and money into a game which keeps on giving and treats me as an adult.

    In my long and illustrious career as an MMO player, there are only two games which I purchased a Lifetime Subscription for - The Secret World and Star Trek Online - both are not considered 'mainstream' or 'hardcore' and I thank heavens for that!


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