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WTF City of Heroes is DEAD !



  • OSF8759OSF8759 Riverside, CAPosts: 284Member
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Most of the people who bemoan it's closing were not playing it at the time. Yet they wonder why NC shut it down.


    And despite what fanboys say, NCsoft is on record as saying the studio was losing money. The business model they chose when going f2p was bad, so bad in fact that CoH is one of the very few games to continue losing money after a f2p transition.

    CoH was a great game that simply lost its player base over time. The gaming world just passed it by.

    CoHemu is coming though.

  • DrakephireDrakephire Fontana, CAPosts: 451Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Yizle
    Originally posted by M1sf1t
      Originally posted by MMORPGtester
    This is what NC soft does with ALL there games once there revenue drops below a set threshhold. This is also why it is not wise to invest any time or money into a game they produce. This is sad because some of there games that were terminated were simply ahead of there time.
      (RIP)Auto Assault NetDevil MMO Closed August 31, 2007. Dungeon Runners NCSOFT MMO Closed January 1, 2010. Dragonica (Korean Server) Gravity Corp. Casual MMO Closed July 13, 2011. Exteel NCSOFT (E&G Studios) TPS Closed September 1, 2010. Point Blank (Korean Server) Zepetto FPS Closed July 13, 2011. Tabula Rasa Destination Games MMO Closed February 28, 2009. City of Heroes Paragon Studios MMO Closed November 30, 2012 


    I'm am in by no means a NCSoft fanboy as most of their games do not appeal to me. However I'm pretty sure this isn't just a NCSoft issue. If a company cannot find a way to profit off a game they will shut it down. NCSoft isn't the first company to do this after all and MMO's are business in the end.

    PS. Having tried and played Auto-assault and Tabula Rasa I can say with a fact that they were both games that had good premises but horrible execution at launch by the developers who made those games. They died because they were not profitable and were not gaining any subs and thus no publisher or developer would justify pouring money into a product that effectively failed in the marketplace.


    Actually from the financial reports released by the company CoH was turning a profit.

    EA did the same thing with Earth and Beyond. It was turning a profit as well, but EA killed it because it wasn't enough profit.

  • Saur0nSaur0n Denver, COPosts: 114Member Uncommon
    Either make an emulator or move on with your life.  The game is gone.  Get over it already...
  • ArskaaaArskaaa KauhajokiPosts: 1,034Member Uncommon
    hahaha! i remember playing auto assault:D
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