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[Column] General: Beginnings: Books & FFXIV

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,968MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Last weekend's launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was a huge event, both for players and developers. The excitement over a launch is similar to that an author goes through when planning a start to a new book. In her latest column, Genese Davis looks at the parallels. See what she's got to say before heading to the comments.

When I start writing a novel, I envision a movement. Not just within the story, but impactful moments, those life-altering experiences that have changed my perspectives, my routines, and my whole way of thinking. Then I think about if these moments could influence someone else’s foundation too. This may sound grand, but I think it’s important to write not only what you know, but also what you feel. You may have heard something similar about game design.

Read more of Genese Davis's Beginnings: Books & FFXIV.



  • gr0und3dgr0und3d Why, CAPosts: 113Member
    Great article!  A lot of the elements mentioned here about ff14:arr is the reason Final Fantasy is such a huge and successful series.  I'm relly enjoying my stay in Eorzea, server issues and all.
  • JeroKaneJeroKane OsloPosts: 5,742Member Rare
    Originally posted by gr0und3d
    Great article!  A lot of the elements mentioned here about ff14:arr is the reason Final Fantasy is such a huge and successful series.  I'm relly enjoying my stay in Eorzea, server issues and all.

    Me too! Have an absolute blast. Been a long time since I had such fun in a game again.

    I manage to avoid the server issues, by logging into the game when I come home from work and so be able to play each night so far.

  • TasarakTasarak redmond, WAPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    I concur. Great article & exactly how I feel. Actually caring about the world, characters, & environments tie-in the overall experience. This has been missing for many, many years and it's been one of my biggest gripes.  Why log into a game I'm not vested in? If the developer don't care about there game besides $$$, why should I? ( I'm not saying $$ is not part of it).  I just think the emphasis these days is all about the $$ & not in the creation of  virtual worlds with a balance of profit.  Yoshi-P has done fantastic job bringing the FF series back.  He actually cares about the product. The game play is evidence of that & the always packed servers represent how successful it has been for the relaunch.


    Besides the log in issues, this game sucks you in with it's story. There is so much to do & see.  The game really opens up after 15.  I have not played nor cared about a MMO since DAOC, &  Vanilla WOW.   The depth in this game is unbelievable.  You basically have access to every single class/job in the game.  That goes for combat classes & crafting. It's just a matter of much time do you want to put in?  =)  I encourage any old vet MMO to give this a try.  You will not be disappointed.

  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Aurora, ILPosts: 2,661Member Uncommon
    Kudos to Davis on the article, but I have to admit that the cutscenes during the carriage ride wore on my nerves real quickly after the second time.

    Other than that, the feelings that the author is trying to convey with this piece were also similar for me. The similarities of my feelings were almost parallel to when I fired up FFXI so long ago. I instantly feel vested in this world. The multiclass single character system adds so much stock in wanting to develop your character without alt jumping. And once I settled into a rhythm I felt like I was getting ready for a long and rich journey.

    Here's to hopefully years of quality entertainment from the dev team and not once have to worry about breaking out my wallet or experiencing immersion breaking cash shop advertising. Nothing but gaming nirvana.

    "Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

  • bbbb42bbbb42 none, FLPosts: 297Member Uncommon
    D: I don't like to read

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