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For anyone looking for a alternative game

Swids2010Swids2010 plymouthPosts: 244Member

Ok so how to explain what I mean lets start of with I was really hyped/excited for EQN after hearing from people who had played precious EQ games and reading a lot of the general hype that was going on I thought awesome and jumped on the hype wagon then E3 happened and well all the expectations and hope I had for this saviour of mmo's dive bombed I went from I cant wait to get my hands on this too man theres nothing upcoming I fancy. Then a few nights ago my brother sent me a link on vent and I watched 8 minutes of information on Black Desert and I got really hyped excited and generally cant wait to play it the same feeling I was expecting to get at EQN unveil. So all I say is if you've been disappointed with what your seen from EQN check out BLACK DESERT and maybe you'll get excited about this upcoming tittle too.

Now I know its early days and not a great deal of info about either game and as more details are released I may end up leaning back towards EQN. Hopefully more info on both games soon



  • NorseGodNorseGod My Bunker, MTPosts: 1,104Member Uncommon

    I would still like to know what EQN has to do with Everquest.

    And no, not from any of you, but from SOE.

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  • ZorgoZorgo Deepintheheartof, TXPosts: 2,225Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by NorseGod
    I would still like to know what EQN has to do with Everquest. And no, not from any of you, but from SOE.

    I'm with you.

    I'd like to know what EQ2 has to do with Everquest. 

    It's like each of their games is meant for a completely different audience with the same place names and lore figures.

    Can't they just be satisfied remaking the same games over and over like we've been asking for?

  • DewmDewm Alaska!Posts: 1,334Member Uncommon

    Problem is... even if they got 100% of the players from the original EQ (which is highly unlikely) they would still only have 250k-300k players..


    ..which by todays standards is pretty dang low.



    So they need to find a new market. I've never played EQ or EQ2 but I was in the same boat with FFXI,.. I really just wanted FFXIV to be a remake.. 


    :( oh well..

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  • MetrobiusMetrobius cherry valley, CAPosts: 95Member Uncommon
    If you're looking for an alternative game. . .continue to lurk on the message board of a game you don't want to play.
    But seriously, if you're going to make a suggestion at least go with the repopulation.
  • cybersrscybersrs New York, NYPosts: 179Member Uncommon
    Black Desert looks very cool, but it will not be released until 2016 plus translation.
  • DrakephireDrakephire Fontana, CAPosts: 451Member Uncommon

    So essentially what you're saying, OP, is that you're easily impressed by graphics alone.  That is the only explanation, because we know nothing about the game play of Black Desert.



  • joe2721joe2721 las vegas, NVPosts: 171Member Uncommon
    Currently this is how allot of gamers are.  We get hyped up over something new but get tired of it just as fast.

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