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Question about Grand Company Armors.

DritheDrithe salisbury, NCPosts: 54Member Uncommon

It says, SET BONUS: Order of the Twin adder uniform.

2 Equipped: Skill SPeed +10



 The other pieces have other bonus's. What does 2 equipped mean?  Do I have to have the full set of armors to get those bonus's because I have 2 pieces and none of those bonu's show up.


  • WankyudoWankyudo Leesburg, VAPosts: 151Member Uncommon

    See, I'm not positive so don't quote me on this, but I think it means that if you have two pieces of a company set (Like the Twin adder ones,) you get the bonuses from both pieces.



    Chest skill speed

    Legs Vitality (Or something other,)

    You get +Skill Speed + Vitality

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