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Now that the whining is over, here is my review of this game at level 26. And it is good!

DritheDrithe salisbury, NCPosts: 54Member Uncommon

Ok. This game strategically puts quests in certain areas.  One quest(instance) You have to kill this big hulking thing, all the time attacking the smaller ones and preventing them from opening up  ..... well I wont spoil anything. :)


  I just thought that was pretty damn cool. But the other lower instances were just as cool. I LOVE how that you must have a healer, tank, and two dps.  IMO this keeps the game moving, everyone playing together, and it , again, is just plain fun.

 Ok. This game has tons of different quests that require you to do lots of different things. It is not just point the sword and stab it to death. But there is one thing that I have absolutey falling in loves withs.  The music.


 This mmo pays homage to many of the old FF games through it's music.  I heard at least 3 different FF battle themes, well modified versions of them, including FF 1! I think there was at least two more types in other battles I fought. Awesome.


  Ok. I also love how when you are in one of those challenges, lke fighting those big mosnters with tons of other people, that if you start one of these up alone, and no one shows up, the gamed brings in NPCs to help you. How fraking cool is that? That means you can still get credit for killing said boss mob. Awesome.


 But this one challenge you have to actually go through 3 of them. 2 at one place then you storm another one right after the first two.


 I personally cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us.


 Still pretty ticked about 3102. Have nightmares about it.


End of line.


  • fistormfistorm Smalltown, WIPosts: 868Member Uncommon

    My God, this game is so beautiful and smooth and interactive with npc's I forgot to write my own review.  I haven't had a game this great since... well I cant even remember, perhaps when lotro first launched, this game is definatly worth a try in its new form.  Its a new storyline and New graphics.   Its like FFXIV part 2, with a whole orginal storyline to build from.  It starts after the first FFXIV storyline and starts in the seventh age.  Amazing storytelling in this game.  I love it 100%.   I'll write that review in another week,  I cant stop playing it.


  • warveganwarvegan MelbournePosts: 4Member Uncommon

    Agreed !

    It's fun when I play this game

    Love it and can't wait till the next maintenance end !

  • SaydienSaydien StuttgartPosts: 266Member

    The whining is over? I think there are a few dozens of people here that haven't got those news yet :)

    Glad you enjoy the game!

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