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RCE Rumors

encryptencrypt TrollhPosts: 7Member

Rumors, rumors and more rumors...

First, I know is mostly used by heavy hard core gamers, that very much disslikes the whole concept of RCE (Real Cash Economy) and systems there about. Please do not use this thread to express your dissliking for this concept or flame others that do like it.

There has been alot of rumors lately around the "new" MMOG genre RCE (Real cash Economy). For a log time Entropia Universe (aka Project Entropia) was the only one around in this market, and many game developers has followed its development in the shades. Today we also have Second Life, that has a simular economy system that Entropia Universe. You can deposit and you can withdraw. I dont see SL as a real compeditor to Entropia Universe thought as it lacks the basics of a real MMOG, you cant go out and bash monsters, there is no crafting or mining system, its all down to how good you are at scripting and marketing, and I hate scripting

So, Sony anounced last year that they was developing a subscription-free MMOG, charging for additional content, like new levels and weapons, to make up for lack of any subscription revenue. And rumors about this yet untiteled game has circled around since then. Some belives this is the new RCE game that rumors says are going into beta this autumn. I havent heard any more press releases from Sony, anyone knows?

I see many games removing subscription fees, and starting to sell ingame items, however this is no where close a RCE. Its a one way market from you to the game company and a closed bussnies modell. Does anyone know if any of the rumored games actually are Real Cash Economy Based games?

A nother suposed RCE, announced on the Transvision 2006 is the OAMetaverse, built on the OrionsArm collective hard sience/social science SF worldbuilding. Developed collectivly by free-lancing programers, story writers, art desginers ect and not by a company. How ever all content must be in line with OrionsArm world building group. This project seems to have been put on ice thought.


  • ariesxwariesxw Somewhere, NJPosts: 12Member

    This is the list I have been using.  So far I am playing entropia and cashtowns.  They are fun so far.  Some of the others on the list my laptop won't run.


  • LuckerStarLuckerStar PraguePosts: 2Member

    There are many RCE games but only Entropia is actually worth it. U can play for free but it takes some time to master the game. Here is web where you can earn PED just by clicking so it helps a lot if you are non depositor and sweat gatherer!


  • Tesla_CoilTesla_Coil ZoetermeerPosts: 7Member

    You could have fun in a new project in development that is aiming for a unique in-game economy.

    It will remind you very much to the old Project Entropia, as the developers are partly inspired by that game.


    Project Ion post on

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