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[Hardware Review] General: Razer Naga 2014 Edition Review



  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Den HelderPosts: 9,436Member Rare
    Originally posted by Four0Six
    Don't need it anymore since the "Future is 8 or less skills"   /srcasm off

    Actually since using this mouse, i am back to games with a multitude of skills instead of low number of skills console type of games...


    With my G15 keyboard, my Nostromo and a Naga i can handle them all...  i just love to have all the world at my fingertips...

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  • ZibooZiboo Sacramento, CAPosts: 147Member Uncommon
    Yeah a leftie version!  I must admit the Mad Catz one I'd love to have - if they had a leftie version - but Razer makes great products, and I've yet to have any wear out with daily use.

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  • HokieHokie Vancouver Wa.Posts: 1,063Member Uncommon

    I personally havent had much luck with Razer products, mouse, keyboards or headsets.

    But being that logitech doesnt offer one quit like this with the claw grip (which I prefer and love). I may just have to give this a try when/if it goes on sale.

    Until then I'll stick with my Logi-G500 mouse, that and with my past luck with Razer stuff, they arnt gettting me a full retail.


    "I understand that if I hear any more words come pouring out of your **** mouth, Ill have to eat every fucking chicken in this room."

  • hcoelhohcoelho Rio de JaneiroPosts: 529Member

    Go buy a E-Blue Cobra, better than razer, costs less than 10 bucks... Best mouse i ever had, and i've owned a Naga, bunch of Logitechs and a Sidewinder X8. 



  • FalcomithFalcomith Hastings, FLPosts: 800Member Uncommon
    I have had a molten epic naga mouse for about a year and a half now.  It's upped my game considerably.  Never had any issues with it and Still operates like its new. 
  • DavamadDavamad crewePosts: 3Member

    Don;'t buy this rubbish - its a copy of the Logitech g600 mmo mouse which is far superior in every way!

    Buy Logitech - its the best for a reason.

  • LanczLancz Lansing, MIPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    I had the first naga and it developed an annoying double click problem with the primary button after using it a year.  There are online guides to fix this issue.  I messed with it and it worked for a while then reverted back to the same issue.  When I drop $80 on a mouse I expect it to last over a year.

    I'm still rocking my belkin notromo n52, and while the wheel button goes out on them the rest of it works flawlessly and has for YEARS.  The wheel button will work for a while if the device is unplugged and replugged into USB.

    I was saddened to see that belkin sold the model to razer.  I've never had an issue with any of the logitech gaming mice I've owned so I too ditched the naga and chose a G600.  There is now a G700 and G700s out as well that look more ergonomic.  I'll be steering clear of razer from now on.

  • teddy_bareteddy_bare Posts: 398Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Davamad
    Don;'t buy this rubbish - its a copy of the Logitech g600 mmo mouse which is far superior in every way! Buy Logitech - its the best for a reason.

    The only problem....the g600 is actually a copy of the Naga. The original Naga was released WAAAAAAAY before the 600.

    That being said though, yeah, Logitech does, at least IMHO, make the best PC peripherals on the market. Well, at least as far as mice, keyboards, and headsets go anyway (proud user of the awesome G510 keyboard {about to upgrade to the g710 though for the mechanical keys}, and a G35 headset {easily the best headset I've ever owned}, and a former g500 mouse user). I have loved all the Logitech products I've ever owned....BUT I also love my Naga and haven't had any of the issues others in this thread have mentioned and I've had it for at least 2, maybe 3 years now (3 years this xmas). So, I won't give up my Naga til it breaks, then I'll take a serious look at the Logitech version and see what's up, but until then, I love my Naga.

  • AmjocoAmjoco Layton, UTPosts: 4,844Member Uncommon
    I have loved my Razer Naga's for the past couple years and own 3 of them! The worst thing about it now is the Razer Synapse cloud system. I was happier without it!  It is pretty much required for you to use your profiles and macros. If you aren't in internet range it can be a pain in the rear. Other than that is a solid well built mouse imho!

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  • AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Edmonton, ABPosts: 353Member

    Long gone(I hope Anyways) are the days where 'the more skills you can shoehorn onto your screen, the 'better' you are at playing'


    Mice like these take a HUGE step back once you realize that other mice(like the cyborg line, or the ghosts, or pretty much any of the other high quality mice with programmable buttons that DON'T feel like your trying to manipulate a waffle iron around on your desk and DON'T feel like they are made from dime-store plastic.) are a much better choice due to the weight(and Logitech almost got on the ball here back when they let you customize the weight), the smoothness of how it slides, the 'sturdiness' of the buttons, etc.


    Just slapping a num-keypad on the side of a mouse to give access to 'a'hundret fifteen mo' skillz' just don't cut it anymore.


    I mean if I TRULY wanted a game where i can run into a room, close my eyes and just randomly mash the f / number keys for a bit(MO' SKILLZ) then go to the next room? Nah, games these days are starting to catch on that most of us are not brainless tards, and most of us WANT to feel like we are 'in the action' rather than watching it aka the south park mmo/wow guy.


    Yea, SOME of the new games are designed for drooling morons, but many of the 'action' rpg's are still quite smart.

  • artfulpainartfulpain Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Son of a! My Deathadder 2013 will arrive at my house on Tuesday. Looks like I'm sending that back! 
  • grndzrogrndzro Reno, NVPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon

    Razer is crap. it uses only OS mouse interpolation.

    Logitech has interpolation built into the driver allowing better precision.


    Besides the Logitech G600 mmo gaming mouse just came out.

  • HokieHokie Vancouver Wa.Posts: 1,063Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Davamad
    Don;'t buy this rubbish - its a copy of the Logitech g600 mmo mouse which is far superior in every way! Buy Logitech - its the best for a reason.

    Ohhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!


    Just had a nerdgasm and blew one of my legs off.

    Thanks for the link!!!

    "I understand that if I hear any more words come pouring out of your **** mouth, Ill have to eat every fucking chicken in this room."

  • umdiddlyumdiddly Guelph, ONPosts: 2Member

    I'm still using my busted old ass naga.  There's a cheap plastic nub that registers the mousewheel scroll movements, that part easily wears and breaks.  I've been without a functioning mousewheel for so long, I've forgotten how to use one.

    Unless the new naga addresses these cheap component issues, you would probably be better off with a corsair.

  • SBE1SBE1 New York, NYPosts: 335Member

    Love my Naga Razor mouse.   I knew a guy who did support for Naga and he told me that the mouse does tend to wear out over time, but it's because it goes through a lot more usage than a typical mouse and with so many buttons on a small device, something eventually breaks.


    If you can live with the fact that your mouse might only last a year or two of heavy usage but still get a great advantage in most games, I highly recommend the mouse.  Takes about a week to get used to it, but I can't see myself playing with a regular mouse ever again.

  • undertaken316undertaken316 SalonikaPosts: 3Member

    Cool redesign of the Naga it has that aerodynamic thingy from the Ouroboros. Here's another video review and giveaway


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