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How to download?

SosaBabySosaBaby toronto, ONMember Posts: 33

Man I'v Looked everywhere and cant seem the find the download, I just bought it online and it just says to download it but not where, If anyone could link me the link it would be great 



Bang Bang 3hun oBLA!


  • quksilver23quksilver23 athens, GAMember Posts: 9
    Yeah I've had the same problem.  It looks like you can't download it currently due to all of the issues they are having.  It looks like they pushed back the early access back to Thursday (according to the official web site), so hopefully they can fix the issues by then.

  • SosaBabySosaBaby toronto, ONMember Posts: 33

    The games comes out on the 27th... how can they push early access back two days?

    and on the site is cleary says 24th-29th so youve been misinformed 

    Bang Bang 3hun oBLA!

  • Xenn88Xenn88 Den BoschMember Posts: 19 Uncommon

    here's the link to the launcher download.


  • bentrimbentrim Member Posts: 173 Uncommon
    Unless you re purchased the game or did the legacy quest you cant get in. If you did buy, you should have received an e-mail notification with your number key.
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