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Large Map, Exploration, could be Offline

OldTimeGamerOldTimeGamer ReadingPosts: 87Member

I'm looking for a game with a large map to explore and it looks like it will have to be an MMO.

Ideally it should randomly restock like a roguelike rather than just reset at times.

A PvE setting with occasional cooperative play would be ideal.

PvP is possible - I considered joining Battlefield Europe as a free-to-play sniper, for example.

Any ideas?


  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    just cause 2 is huge.  I think it's still on sale on steam for like 2.99.  a multi-player mod is going to release pretty soon,  it's in beta atm due out this winter.
  • TorcipTorcip Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 669Member Uncommon

    -Dark Souls - Not sure what you meant by you're rogue like comment but when I think exploration and rogue like I think this.

    -Skyrim - This one is offline.

    -Guild War 2 -  has a lot of secrets to find through exploring.

    -Darkfall - Mainly PvP but has a good amount of PvE

    -Cube World - All about PvE and exploration, unlimited exploration.

    I'll add more when I think of them.

  • OldTimeGamerOldTimeGamer ReadingPosts: 87Member

    I'd like to thank people for the recommendations so far.

    Roguelike is a gaming term that refers back to the style of gaming established by an 1980s game, Rogue, that used to run on Unix mainframes back when I read my Computer Science degree.  It implemented a random hack-and-slash Dungeons & Dragons back when D&D was played around a table with books but with a lot of depth.

    My favourite incarnation, Nethack, puts a lot of MMOs to shame especially in terms of content. and flexibility.

    In a standard themepark MMO the landscape is littered with scripted monsters that get reset after a while.  You can almost navigate by them - in Champions Online, for example, you know you are nearing Area 51 as the goons change from mind-controlled prison warden and escapees to specialised VIPER agents.  In Everquest Next you know where you are when the goblin-like monsters are replaced with another set that are inexplicably more powerful for no good reason.

    In a roguelike then enemies you encounter are random but appropriate for the settings.

    So in a wilderness fantasy game, based on a roguelike, an emptied bandit camp won't necessarily be restocked by the same identikit human bandits but instead orcs might take it over or a terrible beast might decide to use it as a lair.

    As well as being an old Computer Scientist, I'm also an old role-player (which is a common combination for someone in their 40s) and as such I'm likely to be quite critical of settings and fictional worlds, having played in them (in one form or another) since 1977.  This is another reason why I feel a gaming world needs to appear to have a life of it's own.

    It does sound like I'm talking myself into Skyrim, especially if I can go off the rails and have my character just wander about the world, but I'd thought I'd touch base here first.

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